Wonju DB makes player uniform upcycling eco bag

Wonju DB Prome Basketball Team will conduct sports ESG activities that recycle player uniforms and stadium banners and produce them into card wallets and eco-bags.

Wonju DB produces and sells upcycling goods using match uniforms worn by players during the season and banners posted on home stadiums to participate in ESG practices that care about the environment and provide various experiences to fans. 안전놀이터

It means to participate in environmental protection and corporate social responsibility by recycling banner banners and player uniforms in the stadium that have been discarded after each season, recreating them as eco-friendly products and providing them to fans.

The upcoming card wallet and eco-bag were produced by Q Clipp, a fashion accessory company specializing in upcycling goods, and Wonju DB plans to continue sports ESG activities by producing more diverse eco-friendly material products in the future.

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