“Yeah, I’ll let you go.” Hoivier’s humble exit… If the transfer fee is 33 billion won, “OK.”

England’s “Football Insider” reported on the 22nd (Korea Standard Time) that “Tottenham told Hoivier that if it can secure a replacement first, it can leave freely in January.” Italian Serie A clubs are interested in Hoivier, and the player is eager to move to a place where he can secure time to play.

“Tottenham is looking for a new central midfielder in the transfer market this winter, and Hoivier’s transfer will depend on whether the club can secure a replacement,” he continued, adding, “Tottenham wants a full transfer of Hoivier or a loan that is obligated to recruit him, and has set a £20 million transfer fee.”

Hoibert is a Danish midfielder who played for Bayern Munich and Southampton before joining Tottenham Hotspur in 2020. He was like a gladiator. He did not hesitate to engage in violent physical fights in the midfield, and instilled great strength in his physical strength as a steel king.

He has always been a key player since joining the team. He has established himself as a key player in 53 games (4,323 minutes, two goals and five assists) in the 2020-21 season, 48 games (3,986 minutes, three goals and four assists) in the 2021-22 season, and 44 games (3,894 minutes, five goals and seven assists) in the 2022-23 season.

For the first time in this season, a crisis has struck. With the appointment of Enze Postecoglou, there was a wind of change, and Papé Sarr and Yves Bissouma were appointed as the midfielders. As a result, Hoivier has been pushed out of the starting lineup and has now played for 667 minutes in 17 games. Compared to the past three seasons, it is absurd time to play.

Multiple clubs sent love calls after confirming Hoivier’s situation. According to reports, Juventus, Napoli and Atletico Madrid are the main candidates for destinations. In particular, they were deeply connected to Juventus, and Italy’s ‘Tuto Sport’ informed that “Hoivier has received an offer from Juventus and he wants to move to Juventus.” 토토사이트 추천

In the end, Tottenham approved Hoivier’s transfer. However, there is a condition. First, a replacement must be found first, and second, Hoivier’s transfer fee must meet £20 million. When both are completed, Hoivier’s transfer will take place.

It was a rather humble exit. Except for this season, Hoivier was always a regular player, and was once called “honey recruitment” when he first joined the team due to a small transfer fee. However, he has now been reduced to a release resource.

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