“You’re going to have to go through a rookie test, right?

Ramos’ substitute Anthony Alford first joined KT’s first division on the 14th. Alford first appeared for pre-match training for the 2022 Shinhan Bank SOL KBO League’s SSG-KT at KT Wiz Park in Suwon, Gyeonggi-do on the 14th. Alford, who joined the first team, had a brief greeting with the coaching staff. Alford, who was heading to the ground for stretching, made eye contact with coach Choi Man-ho. Coach Choi Man-ho’s prank with a distance of 10m has begun. Coach Choi Man-ho complicated Alford’s cause of death in the operation. Alford, who was watching coach Choi Man-ho’s autograph, looked serious. When coach Choi Man-ho’s autograph was told to the interpreter and coach Choi Man-ho was right, Alford immediately smiled. 카지노사이트

KT’s new mercenary Alford started as a designated hitter in a game against Futures League Sangmu in Iksan on the 10th and recorded 1 hit in 3 at-bats. He hit a grounder to second base in his first at-bat, a fly ball to shortstop in his second at-bat, and a hit in front of left field in his third at-bat. Alford came up to the first division after playing the 12 at-bats he wanted. Alford said, “I feel very good at-bat. I’m happy to play on the field again. “I think the team atmosphere is very good,” he said. “In fact, as it is the first KBO game, we focused on adapting rather than focusing on the results of today’s game.” “But after my hit, everyone was really happy in the dugout, so I was also excited,” he said, expressing his feelings about playing his first game.

Alford focused on timing and adjusting to the strike zone rather than on performance. He said, “I paid a little attention to timing the ball and tracking the ball today. “I tried to adapt to the strike zone by trusting my player’s plan,” he explained. Meanwhile, KT recruited batter Alford for a total of $577,000 on the 26th of last month when existing foreign batter Ramos was out of power due to a toe injury. Alport played in 102 games in six major league seasons, batting .209 with eight home runs and .268 with 53 home runs and 125 steals in 562 games in the minor leagues.

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