8 Retail Atlantic City Casinos Increase Year-over-Year Sales

Sales in March 2024 showed eight out of nine casinos in the city seeing year-over-year sales growth, and it was the best month for retail casinos since 2012, when there were 12 casinos in Atlantic City.

By the way, if you compare March 2024 with March 2019, there are only two operators that have improved. Of course, the marker there is pre-Covid against post-Covid.

In March 2024, the casino in Atlantic City generated $239.8 million in revenue, up 4.9% year over year.

In addition, considering retail casino play, online casino play and sports betting, the state generated more than $468 million, a 6.1% increase over March 2023.

There was one retail casino that didn’t improve: Borgata Atlantic City. The casino was down 8.1 percent year-over-year. It posted $56.5 million in revenue, and revenue was down 5.4 percent compared to the first quarter of last year (three months).

In terms of year-over-year improvements, the highest retail casino was Ocean Casino. It generated $40.7 million in slots and tables, a 17.6% gain. 메이저사이트

I’ll organize all the casinos for you:

Ocean Casino: $40.7 million (up 17.6%)
Hard Rock: $44.4 million (up 11%)
VALLICE: $11.7 MILLION (up 11.2%)
Golden Nuggets: $13.7 million (up 11.4%)
Resorts: $13.4 million (up 5.9%)
Caesars Atlantic City: $18.5 million (up 7.9%)
Tropicana: $19.8 million (up 2.5%)
Harrah’s: $21 million (up 2%)
Borgata: $56.5 million (8.1% loss)

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