Novovision Strengthens Business in Iconic Casin ̀ di Venice

Since its implementation, the Novovision Casino Management System has significantly improved and fast access processes for casino guests, and expanded data, security, and BI capabilities for operators, making a significant impact on daily business at two locations in Casin ̀ di Venice.

In 2020, NOVOMATION had both cabendramine carrer in Canal Grande with sophisticated casino management systems and casin ̀ di Venetian branches in Canohera next to Marco Polo Airport. More than 600 video slots and comprehensive performance data were transmitted to NOVOISION, and various features were implemented with a high degree of customization.

The installation comprises additional modules for access, jackpots, promotions, and business intelligence, as well as key features such as slot management, player management, accounting, and reporting. In addition, the NOVISION feature helps attract out-of-story traffic from casinos with special events and exciting jackpot highlights. In particular, biometric-enabled access solutions benefit both casinos and guests by eliminating long queues waiting to enter casinos during peak hours.

After initially registering customer data, including fingerprint templates, players can now enter the casino via the so-called high-speed lane access terminal simply by scanning their fingerprints. The fingerprints also allow you to enjoy VIP amenities like free parking access or various promotional benefits throughout Casin ̀ di Venice’s gaming area.

With Tableau, NOVISION collects in-depth data across its entire operations on reporting requirements and accounting, as well as business intelligence applications, to help Kasin ̀ di Venice’s management make informed and factual decisions. 무료 슬롯

NOVISION provides real-time data on all important events in the casino, including floor control, real-time machine information, etc. Furthermore, the casino enjoys reliable technical support and security monitoring 24/7, ensuring that future customization requirements will also be implemented by the team of experts behind the NOVISION system.

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