A 1,000,000 dollar Prima Poker World Tour

PrimaPokerCom has set a new record for the largest terrestrial sponsorship in poker history by sponsoring the second global escape of the world-famous Hendon Mob. Mob will challenge the world’s best poker players over the next 12 months, competing in 14 of the most prestigious poker festivals in seven countries.

With 49 cash prizes, 11 tournament trophies, and around $500,000 in total, PrimaPokerCom continues to be the biggest sponsor in the poker world, even after Mob beat all expectations on its first PrimaPoker tour. PrimaPokerCom’s Tamar Yaniv said, “Our partnership with Hendon Mob has been great, not just for PrimaPokerCom, but for the whole sport. The synergy of online and offline poker has brought more spotlight than ever, allowing new audiences to play online and in terrestrial card rooms.” 스포츠토토

The sponsorship of Prima Poker World Tour 2004 marks a new beginning for the sport, becoming the most popular late-night TV viewing in both the U.K. and the U.S. Millions of viewers in the U.S. and Europe are adding Hendon Mob and other famous poker stars to their “celebrities’ wish to meet a list.”

Prima Poker Tour 2004 will take Hendon Mob to Las Vegas, Paris, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Barcelona, Vienna, Dublin, and London. The tour will include the World Series of Poker, in which at least one of Hendon Mob’s four members will most likely win the WSOP bracelet. The prize money for the World Series, which is the main event of poker, is over $10,000.

“We hope Prima-PokerCom will continue to trust us and we will continue like we did last year, breaking records and making friends around the world. Prima-PokerCom will become the biggest poker network in the world and we aim to become the biggest winner of the tournament circuit,” said HENDENMOB’s Barney Boatman.

Joining Hendon Mob on the Prima Poker Tour will be the best online player on the Prima PokerCom network. Sat will run on the Prima PokerCom network for much of the Prima Poker Tour competition, with the winning player joining The Mob at exclusive festivals around the world.

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