Will Minamino, Hwang Ui-jo of Japan surpass France’s peak?

France is ranked fifth in the 2023-24 UEFA league. Until last season, Hwang Ui-jo (31, Norwich) was considered the most successful Asian forward.

During his time in Bordeaux, Hwang scored 29 points and seven assists in 92 matches in the French Ligue 1 league in 2019-2022, breaking the record for most appearances and goals scored by Koreans. He scored attack points at three different positions, including center forward left wing and right wing. 안전 토토사이트

Excluding Israel, which is classified as Europe in soccer, 29 points is the most scored by a player in Asia in the French professional soccer league. In all the history of Australia, which left the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) in 2006 and joined the Asian Football Confederation (AFC), no player has scored more points in the Ligue 1 than Hwang Ui-jo.

Hwang Ui-jo was ranked in the French League 1 TOP 10 as well as his overall record, including 9th place in expected scoring excluding 2020-21 penalties, 10th place in expected scoring value, and 10th place in scoring excluding 2021-22 penalties.

However, Takumi Minamino (28, Monaco)’s performance up to 13 games in 2023-24 League 1 makes it impossible to deny the possibility of becoming an Asian striker who surpasses Hwang Ui-jo on the French stage.

This season, Takumi Minamino played 66.1 minutes per game in the league, scoring five points and making four assists. He has an attack point of 0.94 points per 90 minutes. Hwang Ui-jo had an average goal plus assists of 0.44 to 0.53 during full time in French professional football.

According to Opta Sports, a global statistics company covering 70 countries and 30 sports, as of December 5, Takumi Minamino is ranked 10th in Europe’s top five leagues in two categories: effective shooting this season and effective shooting per 90 minutes.

Takumi Minamino added the French League 1 Player of the Month award in August 2023 to his personal career, which had slowed down since the 2013 Japanese J-League Rookie of the Year and the 2020 International Federation of Football History and Statistics (IFFHS) Asian Best 11.

If the current pace continues, chances are high that the “best striker in Asia in the first division of French professional football in a single season” will change from Hwang Ui-jo to Takumi Minamino. Not only scoring goals but also making chances deserves higher evaluations as he is a top-class player.

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