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The EpiPhone Casino Hollow Body Electric Guitar is best known for its time spent in the hands of The Beatles. The band used it to great success on many hits, and now later generations are discovering the appeal of the Betting & Casino app. The Hollow Maple Body provides a warm yet cool sound, and the slim mahogany neck is comfortable with everything from riffs to rhythms. But the real magic happens in the iconic dog-ear P-90 pickup. It delivers a distinctive chimney sound when cleaning, but it barks clearly when hit hard.

I dare say it’s different
Here’s a bunch of our P-90 fans in Sweetwater. These guitarists know that the P-90 offers a distinctive palette of tones that’s different and complementary to conventional humbershippers and single coils. With Gibson’s successful single-coil pickup, the P-90 can be heard on countless classical recordings. With its biting high notes and high power, the P-90 erases well when rolling back the guitar’s pot of volume. A little brighter, slimmer, less sophisticated than a humberker, it’s almost hot, and with its own brand, it’s a surprisingly versatile pickup. When you hit the amp hard, the P-90 actually wails. Plug it into a proper high-gain tube amplifier and you can bring out grind, sizzling, and bark that’s impossible with a humberker or other single coil. If you’d like to hear a superbly placed P-90 in a historical context, check out Santana’s searing Woodstock performance, Who’s Masterful Live from the Liz album, or a ton of classic Beatles songs.

Beetle guitar sound, etc
The EpiPhone Casino coupe is a modern version of the legendary hollow arch tower the Beatles used during their recording careers. There was something magical about the combination of the casino’s P-90 pickup and the contemporary Tube amplifier, which created the tone that made the Beatles’ songs instantly recognizable. Paul McCartney started as a guitarist for the Beatles, and actually played quite a few guitar parts during the band’s famous recording career. Paul got the EpiPhone Casino in 1962, and immediately changed it to play with his left hand. His handwritten guitar, Casino Betting, can be heard on numerous Beatles albums as well as on many of Paul’s post-Beatles albums. Now the same casino tone can be yours, but it comes in a smaller, easier-to-travel package! The Beatles are one of the most important and influential bands in history, and the Casino coupe hollow electric guitar holds this unmistakable sound in your hand.

Incredible hollow body tone
With the backs, tops, and sides of maple trees, the casinos are available in any style of music. From blues to jazz, rock, and beyond, maple trees’ bodies offer a bright, if not smooth, tone. 온라인경마

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