Doyle Brunson Wins WSOP Main Event Again – With Similar Hands!

I heard that lightning never strikes twice. Probably. In Texas. Uniquely, a year later, Doyle Brunson bowed his head again to 10-2 when he was defending the title against Gary “Bonds” Berland. Berland was settled at 8-5. 바카라사이트

Once again, 10-8-5 Lemon gave himself and his opponent two sets, Brunson trailed. Once again, 2 hit, giving Brunson two sets, and this time he took the lead. The moment Berland went all-in, Brunson immediately called. Surprisingly, Brunson made another full house on the waterway when he shot 10, and was commissioned to select the title for the second year in a row.

There are many vivid names for the hands of various poker games. Experts are nicknamed “guns” or “pocket rockets,” pocket kings are nicknamed “postmen,” and the J-5 is known as the “Jackson Five,” or simply “Motown.” To this day, at a 10-2 display, another player around the table will probably make an admirable gesture and say, “Ah, it’s Doyle Brunson Hand.”

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