Big Bad Beat Jackpot Hit in Atlantic City

Harrah’s Entertainment Atlantic City announced this morning that the Total Bad Beat Jackpot hit $535,459.60 in Caesars Atlantic City. In addition to the Caesars poker room, poker players at Harrah’s Resort, Bally’s, and Showboat each received $2,705 in prize money as part of their new pooling jackpot.

“This is an unforgettable day for the game of Atlantic City, just like in two days we’re announcing the first winner of the first-ever multi-casino bad bit jackpot,” said Don Marrandino, president of the Eastern Division of Harah’s Entertainment. “The total payment of $535,459.60 for Harah’s Resort, Caesars, Bali, and Showboat is one of the largest bad bit jackpots in Atlantic City casino history, and we look forward to continuing to introduce the new initiative to Atlantic City and reward the loyal poker players of our four properties.” 메이저 토토사이트

Harrah’s Entertainment Atlantic City introduced the city’s first multi-casino Texas Holdum Poker Room Bad Beat Jackpot initiative and $524,045 starting jackpot. The Poker Room Bad Beat Jackpot at Harrah’s Resort, Caesars, Ball’s, and Showboat will now reflect the “pulled” jackpot that can be grabbed.

Sheryl Wallace of Auburndale, Florida, put out what she thought was the winner of the straight plush diamond, but only New Jersey’s John Sweet, Jr., showed off his win with the royal plush diamond, experiencing a bad one. Wallace’s loser earned her $163,343, and Sweet’s winner added $109,797 to his wallet.

Bad Beat Jackpot is a prize awarded when you hold a strong enough hand down and lose to a stronger hand held by another player. Bad Beat Jackpot is progressively played, with $1.00 taken out of each pot to fund the jackpot (in addition to regular lakes). When a jackpot is won, it is distributed among all the players sitting at the table that qualify for Bad Beat, and all the total reward poker rooms in Atlantic City, where the losing hand takes the lion’s share. After winning the Total Bad Beat jackpot, Harrer Entertainment immediately accepted the reset jackpot for $100,000.

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