The final table for the 2010 World Series of Poker Main Event is ready

When play resumes at the Rio All-Suit Hotel & Casino in November, Jonathan Duhamel will be the chip leader with 65.975 million chips. The final table will feature John Dolan (46.25 million), Joseph Cheng (23.52 million), John Racer (19.05 million), Matthew Jarvis (16.7 million), Filippo Candio (14.4 million), Michael Mizrachi (14.45 million), Soy Nguyen (9.65 million), and Jason Senti (7.625 million) with a prize money of $811,823. The winner of the main event will earn $8,944,138.

“I will go outside with my family and friends and get some rest and focus so that I can get ready to return in November,” added an online poker pro from Canada. Mizrachi, who is attempting to add a main event bracelet to his win at this year’s $50,000 poker championship, said his success began on the first day of the tournament. 토토사이트 순위

“I knew if you had a big stack after Day 1, you’d have too many bad plays and you had a lot of inexperienced players, so you could chip up and chip up and chip up,” Mizrachi said. “I played Day 1A, and I knew it was probably the best day to play because the field was going to be smaller. July 4 was the day before, and I knew not all the professionals were going to play. I knew the game was going to be a weaker field … and I separated them.”

Mizrachi is also comfortable to read about his competitors. “I’m pretty aware of how all the players perform here. Hopefully, I’ll be able to do what I did at the poker championship,” Mizrachi said. A pivotal part of the tournament was 16 players remaining, and it featured Matt Affleck and Duhamel.

It was a little hard for Affleck to start the day. He left his glasses at a feature table in Rio last night, and they are gone today. WSOP Media Director Nolan Da-ra grabbed a microphone to ask fans to look around. Nobody could find his glasses, so Affleck had to squint and play the day.

Early on, Affleck appeared to have lost some of the mojo. Affleck went from 12.155 million chips to 5 million, doubling as his pocket ace held out against Jarvis. After a double-up against Jarvis, Affleck began a steady uptick on the leaderboard and seemed ready to get to the final table until the overflow crowd in the Amazon Room ran into a gasping hand.

Duhamel initiated a betting pre-evaluation, raising it to 550,000. Affleck re-raised it to over 1.5 million, while Duhamel re-raised it to nearly 4 million. Affleck made the call, making nearly 8 million pots. The failure came in at 10d-9c-7h, and Duhamel called in 5 million chip bets from Affleck to make 18 million pots. The Diamond Queen got her turn, and Affleck poured everything into it for 11.6 million.

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