“Coach, live a long life… I’ll invite you to KS.” KIA 168 wins vs. pitcher Sweet Guy… People are property

Yang Hyeon-jong (35), a relief pitcher for the Kia Tigers with 168 wins, seems to have recently visited Japan. He posted a picture on his Instagram account about a week ago, in which he took a photo with former KIA pitching coach Toshio Kanbe, his “eternal teacher.” Yang is smiling brightly while holding a uniform with Kanbe’s name marked on it.

“The most meaningful time of my trip to Japan, I visited my coach’s house, the no-hitter trophy I won when I was a player, and the medal trophy I won in 2009. I have many thoughts on my day on my way back. I hope you stay healthy and live a long life. I will invite you to the Korean Series.”

Yang also set big personal records this season. During an interview during the season, a question was asked about coach Kanbe. “I practiced basic skills with coach Kanbe a lot. I still do it when my condition is not good,” Yang said.

Coach Kanbe was Yang’s pitching coach when he was a pro golfer. He helped Yang win the Korean Series during the regular season in 2009. He seems to be a life teacher to Yang. Yang is a true student who continues his relationship with coach Kanbe even though it has been a long time since he left KIA. 카지노사이트 순위

Yang Hyun-jong said he would take coach Kanbe if KIA goes to the Korean Series, but in fact, he already took him once in the 2017 Korean Series. Yang Hyun-jong won the shutout victory with four hits, 11 strikeouts and two walks in nine innings in Game 2 of the Korean Series against the Doosan Bears at KIA Champions Field in Gwangju on October 26, 2017.

KIA, which gave up the first game at that time, brought the entire flow of the Korean series. Coach Kanbe knew the game, so Yang Hyeon-jong must have been proud. Yang expects such a day to come again. It is also true that KIA’s basic power is not bad, and when the current main member is alive, it has to try again for the presidency.

Meanwhile, Yang’s sweetness is evident in his Instagram comments. Kim had a head-first sliding when he was out due to shortstop double play at first and second bases with no outs in the top of the 10th inning of the Asian Professional Baseball Championship finals against Japan on April 19.

As is already known, the result was a ruptured collateral ligament and scapular fracture in the medullary joint of the left thumb. After the competition ended, he underwent surgery in Korea. He underwent a four-month diagnosis. One month has passed and three months are left. He will likely be able to play in the opening game of the 2024 season at the end of March next year, but it is not certain whether he will be in a normal condition. Kia plans to prepare for an unexpected situation. As such, Kim accounts for an enormous portion of Kia’s lineup and infield.

Yang commented on Kim’s post about APBC about a week ago. “Sorry, don’t apologize, don’t be sorry. Just like Kim Do-0, you know… The day I have to experience and learn a lot to show next year.” He used Kim’s buzzword to comfort Kim. Sweet guy is the japchae.

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