Korea’s First UFC Flyweight Park Hyun-sung Wins His Debut Battle TKO…Hot New Year’s Ceremony

“Piece of Mind” Park Hyun-sung won the TKO victory in 3:59 of the second round against Shannon Ross (34, Australia).

Park Hyun-sung and Shannon Ross faced off in an undercard flyweight match of the UFC Fight Night: Song Ya-dong vs. Gutierrez competition at UFC Apex in Las Vegas on the 10th (Korea time).

Park joined the UFC by winning the first season of Road to UFC, an Asian quarterfinal tournament, in February. He is the first UFC flyweight fighter in Korea. He is the first UFC flyweight fighter in 11 years since the creation of the UFC flyweight in 2012.

He has eight wins and no losses overall. He is a natural killer who finished seven out of eight wins with finishes. Local gamblers set the highest winning rate of 85 percent for Park at this year’s event.

To match the ring name “Peace of Mind,” he said, “As it is my first match at UFC, I will not be greedy and win with a calm mindset like my nickname. I will win as perfectly as possible.”

In the “UFC Fight Night: Song vs. Gutierrez” relay race held at UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada on the 9th, Park Hyun-sung was 57.2 kilograms (126 pounds) in the normal flyweight race. His opponent Shannon Ross also passed the relay race with 57.2 kilograms.

In the first round, Park Hyun-sung prevailed. Park Hyun-sung’s counter and elbow hit one after another, and he knocked Ross down with a straight line and headed to the ground. Park Hyun-sung grabbed the back position and tried a rear-naked choke, and when Ross resisted, he mixed the foundry and attacked.

In the second round, Ross moved forward and displayed threatening movements. Park responded with a counter, and when Ross was about to press, he pressed the movement with a clinch. Park’s body kick hit the target in the ensuing hitting match, and he knocked down Shannon Ross with a left-handed body hook and a baptism of punch. Park won the TKO victory at 3:59 of the second round. 안전놀이터

In an interview after the game, Park said, “My movement was not good because I was not in good condition. I thought about playing the second round a little slower. I’m sorry I didn’t do well.” He said, “I was lucky.” He said, “I want to keep playing. I’ll prepare to run right away. I’m grateful to my teammates, acquaintances and fans who support me.”

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