Cocto Casino & Resort Introduces New Table Game

Chokto Casino & Resort introduced two new table games at the Pokola and Durant hotels this week.

Wednesday, Chokto Casino & Resort – Pokola is the first Oklahoma casino to offer a three-ice baccarat. Bakara is a fast and fun guessing game in which players bet on which hand is more valuable, the banker’s or the player’s. Three Ice Baccarat is like a regular Baccarat, but instead of a card, you play the game with a dice. You can make up to 8 bonus bets per roll. The table game is available Monday-Thursday after 6 p.m., all day Friday and Saturday.

“We are excited to be the first casino in Oklahoma to add 3-dice baccarat,” said Tyler Nunley, a Pocolat table game manager. “It’s a great addition to our table game, and it gives guests another interesting option to choose from when they start the game.”

In addition to 3 Ice Baccarat, Cocto Casino & Resort Pokola has 15 table games: Live Roulette, Blackjack, Blazing 7 Blackjack Progressive, Bonus Crab, 3 Card Poker, Ultimate Texas Hold M, WTP Head Up Hold M, and Live Crab. 온라인경마

CHUCKTO CASINO & RESORT ON FRIDAY – DURANT ADDED SPAIN 21 TO TABLE GAME OPTIONS. Spanish 21 is a variant of the blackjack that removes 10 from the deck and the dealer holds 17. The game provides more ways for players to get away with cash.

Matt Maddox, head of table games at Durant, said, “Spanish 21 is a good game to add to the floor because it gives guests more chances to win.” “This form of blackjack features multiple bonuses, including an automatic victory when a guest gets 21. It’s an interesting variant where players have the opportunity to ‘match dealers’ with side bets they pay when one of the first two cards they traded matches the dealer’s upcard.”

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