Lotte, who escaped from the anomaly, was named after luck

It was the same when he nominated Na Seung-yeop of Deoksu High School, who seemed likely to advance to the U.S., strategically chose Gangneung High School left-hander Kim Jin-wook, and nominated Whimoon High School infielder Kim Min-seok in the first round, breaking initial expectations. However, there was no such anomalous trend this year, and it is evaluated that the nomination was completed quietly and easily.

Analysts say that the optimal number of selections for each round is well combined. In the first round, it was predicted that Jeon Mir, whose basics were solid, would be chosen. This is because he is a promising player who will do more than basic if he settles down well in either pitcher or batter. It is also impressive that he showed considerable spirit as the MVP of the Blue Dragon Championship. He is determined to give his right arm for Lotte. 바카라사이트

Left-hander Jung Hyun-soo, who made his name known through JTBC’s strongest baseball, will also wear Lotte’s uniform. As he originally played baseball in Busan as a graduate of Busan High School, the key is whether he will be able to show himself in his hometown. He has excellent control, including curves, so he can make his debut in the first division before Jeon Mir.

Daegu Sangwon shortstop Lee Ho-joon, who is better than Samsung manager Park Jin-man’s Incheon High School days, was also chosen. There are many existing infield resources, so there is a premise that they have to overcome the competition, but few prospects have that much defense. There is also a high possibility that he will make the first division stage as a major defense agent first. Systematic development is needed in that his feet are fast and his batting skills are also above the middle.

Yoo Shin-shin’s “Handsome Pitcher” Park Joon-woo is a rising star who did his part at every crisis in the team’s difficult times. It is curious how such a talented person came down to the fourth round in that he throws a fast ball approaching 150km. The future is promising in that he has excellent control and good guts. Cheong High School infielder Kang Sung-woo, Whimoon High School pitcher Park Sung-joon, and Deoksu High School’s leadoff Lee Sun-woo also seem to have made a good choice in the appropriate order.

Lotte’s luck lies in its unexpected good talent role in the lower round. Whimoon High School infielder Ahn Woo-jin and Seoul High School outfielder So Han-bin would not be strange at all if they were selected for the middle round. Both Ahn Woo-jin, who has good batting power, and So Han-bin, who scored a passing point in hitting power, can aim for backup agents in the first division as much as possible depending on their own.

Auto Garage pitcher Jeon Ha-won is a strategic choice looking three to four years later, and Yoo Je-mo, who played at his hometown university, is said to have improved his skills since he experienced the high school vs college All-Star Game.

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