Connecticut Lotto Corporation, Fanatics Betting & Gaming

Connecticut Lottery announced Fanatics Betting and Gaming, a subsidiary of Fanatics Holdings Inc., a global digital sports platform, as Connecticut’s new sports betting partner. Fanatics Sportsbook will act as an exclusive sports betting provider for CLC’s mobile and retail channels. The transition date is mid-December. 안전놀이터

“Fanatics is the only true sports brand in the gaming industry and has established itself as an innovator in the industry,” said Greg Smith, president and CEO of CLC. “We are impressed by the Fanatics team’s aggressive entry into the U.S. sports betting market and are excited to see how they redefine their sports betting customer experience here in Connecticut. CLC expects remarkable market share growth as a result of this partnership.”

Sports fans living or visiting Connecticut will soon be able to start the Fanatics experience by downloading Fanatics Sportsbooks on iOS and Android. With this new partnership, Connecticut sports gamblers will be able to enjoy an online sportsbook that makes it easy for them to become fans through a select Discover page that includes quick sign-ups, easy bets, transparent withdrawals, live streaming, industry-leading search capabilities, the ability to earn FanCash in bets, and the sports and bets that matter most to customers.

Ari Borod, Chief Business Officer, said, “We are excited to partner with CLC to provide our customers in Connecticut with a Panatics Sportsbook.” “We are looking forward to bringing the Fanatics experience to 10 retailers across Connecticut, and more importantly, we are looking forward to adding innovative mobile apps to our online options available in Connecticut.”

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