Sky City Adelaide faces civil penalties for Australian regulators for violating anti-money laundering laws

The commencement of AUSTRAC’s proceedings follows the conclusion of an enforcement investigation launched in June 2021, and Sky City Adelaide has been informed of an ongoing investigation.

Peter Soros, vice president of AUSTRAC, said, “The investigation is the result of an industry-wide proactive compliance campaign launched in September 2019. AUSTRAC’s investigation into SkyCity found systemic failures in its approach to anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism financing obligations.

“Australia’s investigation has identified various circumstances in which Sky City has consistently failed to carry out adequate customer due diligence, and Sky City has also failed to develop and maintain compliance anti-money laundering and counter-terrorism programs, putting it at risk of criminal abuse.”

AUSTRAC filed a lawsuit in federal court today seeking civil penalties against SkyCity. The Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre, Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre, claims. “SkyCity has not adequately assessed the money laundering and terrorism financing risks it faces, including the potential and impact of risks, has not included appropriate risk-based systems and controls in its money laundering and counterterrorism financing programs to identify and respond to changes in risks over time, has not established an appropriate framework for board and senior management oversight of its money laundering and counterterrorism financing programs, has not had a transaction monitoring program to monitor transactions and identify suspicious activities appropriate for SkyCity’s characteristics, scale, and complexity, and has an appropriate enhanced customer due diligence program to conduct further inspections of higher risk customersWe did not have a rogram, and we did not conduct adequate continuous customer due diligence on a range of customers who presented higher money laundering risks.” 카지노사이트 순위

Soros said, “SkyCity’s ineffective approach to AML/CTF programs has left us vulnerable to criminal exploitation. The requirement to ensure that regulated bodies have adequate AML/CTF control and systems is not optional and should be taken seriously by all companies regulated by AUSTRAC.

“ASTRAC continues to work with SkyCity to ensure that we comply with our obligations under the AML/CTF Act and continue to meet our obligations in the future.

“This is AUSTRAC’s third civil punishment proceedings against businesses operating in the casino sector. It should be a warning to casinos and all other businesses regulated by AUSTRAC to take AML/CTF obligations seriously and comply with AML/CTF laws and AML/CTF rules.”

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