Dutch parliament passes strict measures on online gambling

The Dutch lower house of parliament has taken decisive action on regulating online gambling by voting in favor of banning high-risk games such as online gambling ads and slots. The motion, proposed by Socialist MP Michiel van Nispen, won sufficient support from a majority and heralded a significant change in the Dutch approach to online gambling.

A total of 114 motions were deliberated during the April 16 session, 14 of which stemmed from previous debates on gambling. Ten of them were adopted, including mandatory financial risk checks in the gambling sector and identification requirements. 토토

The decision marks a departure from previous attempts to enforce such a ban. A similar motion on a full ban on gambling ads failed to win enough support in February. This time, however, Van Nisspen’s proposed motion was successfully passed with a narrow majority of 77 votes.

The ban covers all forms of online advertising and extends the restrictions imposed by the ban on targeted advertising, which went into effect in July 2023. The previous ban targeted mass advertising on various platforms, including radio, television, outdoor venues, and print media, along with sports sponsorship.

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