Tribal online gambling legislation reintroduced in Maine has failed again

Despite attempts by lawmakers last week and during this week, a bill proposing an expansion of tribal gambling in Maine has not gained much traction. Currently, four federally recognized tribes in Maine are offering exclusive online sports betting services. Under the proposal, the Wabanaki tribes in Maine will also be granted exclusive rights to online gambling activities.

The aforementioned proposal did not go unnoticed, even though state lawmakers tried twice. As announced by the Portland Press Herald, a bill that proposed granting the Wabanaki tribes exclusive rights to online gambling was repealed by the House and Senate last week. Without sufficient support, the proposal failed to go ahead. 파친코

However, lawmakers pushed ahead again this week after Senate Majority Leader Mattie Daughtry asked for another review of the proposal. In contrast to the first vote, this time, the bill successfully passed the Senate with a 19-13 vote. As it turns out, it is not uncommon for some lawmakers to support a dominant side and decide to flip their vote in case the proposal is reconsidered.

However, the success of the proposal was short-lived, as it was rejected in a House vote on the same day after the Senate approved it on Tuesday.

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