“Everyone Makes a Mistake” – Lee Chung-yong “Feels Responsible”

The Players Association announced in a press release that the second board meeting will be held in 2023.

Chairman Lee Keun-ho, Vice Chairman Yeom Ki-hoon, Secretary-General Kim Hoon-ki, New Vice Chairman Lee Chung-yong, Cho Soo-hyuk, and Director Baek Sung-dong attended the second board meeting. 카지노사이트

Chairman Lee Keun-ho said, “I am proud of my juniors who made the legend of the semifinals of the 2023 Argentine U-20 World Cup.” “It showed the spicy taste of Korean soccer for two consecutive tournaments,” he said. “The determination and passion of young players impressed us all.” I’m proud of everyone. “All the players of the Korea Players Association feel the same way,” he said.

Although he expressed joy over his juniors’ performance, the executives of the Players Association felt responsible for the controversy over “racism” of the Ulsan team.

Vice Chairman Lee Chung-yong said, “After being appointed as vice chairman of the Players Association, something unsavory happened in his team, Ulsan, and I feel deeply responsible. Recently, there were racist remarks against Vinicius in La Liga and racist remarks against Son Heung-min. “As we see these cases, players should always be careful and careful,” he said.

In response to the controversy over racism mentioned by the Players Association, the Korea Professional Football Federation will hold a reward and punishment committee for the racism case against team managers with four players, including Lee Myung-jae, Lee Kyu-sung, Jung Seung-hyun and Park Yong-woo in the K League 1.

They recently posted racist remarks aimed at Thai national defender Chal-rak, who played for Jeonbuk Hyundai, online, causing controversy.

It is the first time that a reward and punishment committee has been held in relation to racism in the K League, which was launched in 1983.

This is why attention is focused on the level of disciplinary action by the reward and punishment committee.

According to professional federation regulations, players who make racist remarks and actions can be suspended for up to 10 games and fined more than 10 million won.

The biggest problem is that it is a problem on the Southeast Asian stage, which the professional football federation paid the most attention to. Therefore, if a light punishment is imposed, the K League’s status is also feared to be shaken.

However, it can be taken into account that Ulsan players busily apologized and bowed their heads, and the Ulsan club also showed active efforts to resolve the case, signaling its own disciplinary action.

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