otte is now close to 5th robbery, Ace going to the hospital is “tactile.”

Five robberies are close now. Lotte was in a festive mood when it won 6-5 with Noh Jin-hyuk’s walk-off hit in the bottom of the ninth inning against KIA in Sajik on the 3rd. Lotte, which created a sensation in the league by forming a three-tier structure with SSG and LG at the time. However, he fell into the quagmire for the first four consecutive losses of the season, including three consecutive sweep losses to KT, and failed to change the atmosphere by struggling with the luge series to Samsung, Hanwha, and SSG. Lotte, which met KT again, has been defeated in both games, leaving the result on the 22nd and confirming its fifth consecutive losing series. 바카라사이트

Lotte, which once took the lead alone and kept the lead, is now being chased by fifth-ranked Doosan by two games. The gap between sixth-ranked Kiwoom and seventh-ranked KIA has also narrowed to three games, increasing the burden on Lotte.

In particular, Lotte’s flow is not particularly good due to “loss, loss, loss, and loss” in the last seven games, but even though “ace” Na Kyun-an (25) took the mound twice during this period, all losses are leading to a decisive blow.

Na Kyun-an pitched two home runs against Hanwha in Sajik on the 15th and struggled to fill five innings with three runs in four innings, and was also hit with 10 hits and six runs in five innings against KT in Suwon on the 21st.

Above all, Lotte has no choice but to pay close attention to the fact that Na Kyun-an voluntarily sent a replacement sign. Na Kyun-an complained of pain in his right elbow on the bench while pitching in the bottom of the sixth inning against KT. Pitcher coach Bae Young-soo visited the mound to check his physical condition and eventually carried out a replacement.

A Lotte official said, “Na Gyun-an was replaced because he felt uncomfortable with the extra round of the right elbow,” adding, “Na Gyun-an will undergo a thorough examination at the hospital on the 22nd.”

Depending on the results of Na Kyun-an’s detailed hospital examination, it is expected to have a significant impact on Lotte’s future moves. Na Kyun-an is a player who has never played regular innings since switching from catcher to pitcher and is playing a full-time season for the first time as a starting pitcher this year. It is true that Na Kyun-an, who played 83 innings this season, threw so many innings that he ranked fifth in the league’s pitching innings.

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