FC Seoul accepts Baek Jong-beom’s disciplinary decision… “Decision to protect the player rather than request a retrial”

K League One club FC Seoul has decided not to appeal against the disciplinary action taken against goalkeeper Baek Jong-beom for the “water bottle throwing” incident.

“We have decided not to appeal the disciplinary action against Baek Jong-beom handed down by the Korean Professional Football Association’s punishment committee,” the club announced on social media on Wednesday.

“Baek Jong-beom was fined 7 million won for ‘anti-sporting behavior’ by the punishment committee that resulted from the Incheon United fans’ collective water bottle-throwing behavior,” Seoul said, adding, “We considered whether or not to request a retrial because we felt that the decision was not in line with equity, 카지노사이트 as the fans sympathized.”

“We confirmed that Baek Jong-beom is very burdened by the current situation and is willing to devote himself to the game more than anything else,” he said, adding, “We decided that it is the club’s role to actively protect the player and support him for better performance rather than requesting an appeal.”

Seoul hopes that fans will understand the acceptance of the discipline and thanked them for supporting Paik in various ways, including fundraising and one-man protests. “I know that the best way to repay them is to deliver good results,” Seoul said, adding, “I will do my best to repay them.” He also said that the money collected for Baek Jong-bum’s sanction will be used in a meaningful way in consultation with the supporters’ guardian spirits.

After the match between Incheon and Seoul at the Incheon National Football Stadium on Nov. 11, Incheon fans threw a large number of water bottles onto the ground after Baek Jong-beom’s victory ceremony. In the process, Ki Sung-yong (Seoul) was hit by a water bottle.

The KFB held its eighth punishment committee meeting on Saturday and fined Incheon 20 million won ($15,000) and banned the club from the stands for five home matches. It also fined Baek Jong-beom 7 million won for unsportsmanlike conduct.

Seoul argued that Baek’s ceremony was not an unsportsmanlike act but a simple victory celebration and that equity should be considered with similar cases in the past. Seoul has said it will review the appeal, but it is expected that the case will come to a close with a decision in its favor.

Incheon, meanwhile, handed out conditional home game bans to 124 self-reported “water bottle throwers” for an indefinite period of time. The suspension can be lifted if they complete 100 hours of volunteer work designated by the club. The sanction amount will be raised voluntarily by the self-reporters, and the shortfall will be covered by CEO Lee Jeon-soo’s personal funds.

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