Parting ways with Abando Chung, he’s moving on to new challenges!

Filipino forward Lens Abando, who played in the KBL as an Asian quarterback, is leaving Anyang to pursue a new challenge.

On the 23rd, the team decided not to re-sign him out of respect for his desire to play in another league overseas. Abando had talked to Jeong about renewing his contract after completing his two-year contract with the club, and Jeong offered him a maximum contract. However, 스포츠토토존 Abando expressed his intention to play in another league overseas.

According to Jeong, he wanted Abando to respond by this week, and Abando informed him that he would like to go to the Japanese B.League or the Philippine PBA.

Abando dazzled basketball fans with his athleticism and elasticity despite his height of 187 centimeters. However, he suffered a back injury in the 2023-2024 season. However, he bounced back from the injury to play in the 2023-2024 EASL Final Four in his native Philippines.

After parting ways with Abando, Chung began searching for a new Asian quarterback to help strengthen the team.

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