Flexen’s three home runs, Toronto bullpen also allowed seven runs after Ryu Hyun-jin left the mound… I realized the power of Ryu Hyunjin

You can see how stable Ryu Hyun-jin’s pitching was even compared to the pitchers who took the mound on the day. Chris Flexen, the home team’s starting pitcher and the main character of the KBO League’s “reverse export myth,” allowed four runs in five ⅔ innings, hitting as many as three home runs.

Pitchers who took the mound after Flexen gave up a whopping nine more runs in three ⅓ innings. Toronto also allowed seven runs in four innings after Ryu Hyun-jin stepped down. 바카라

It was even more regrettable that he did not take the mound in the sixth inning because he saved the number of pitches in the fifth inning. SportsNet said, “I could have continued to pitch, but I didn’t have to push him anymore because there was a bullpen who completely rested during the break.”

He continues to pitch at a surprising level that he believes is the performance of a pitcher who returned after a year and two months after undergoing his second Tommy John Surgery (elbow ligament joint surgery). The ERA rose slightly from 2.25 to 2.48, but the team won all games in Ryu Hyun-jin’s game after his first appearance, when he had three wins and one loss in six games and allowed four runs in five innings.

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