Pontoon Basic Strategy

In fact, the pontoon strategy is similar to the one used in Spanish 21. But there is something that needs to be mentioned. As mentioned earlier, in the pontoon, the dealer’s cards are all upside down, making it more difficult for players to make the right decision. In the pontoon, if you have an ace and a 10-point card, you beat each other even when the value is 21, but this doesn’t mean a hand consisting of an ace and a 10-point card.

If the dealer and player’s hand have the same value, the dealer wins. This distinguishes the pontoon from other blackjack variations, and in this case, you get your money back. When it comes to 5 card tricks, it should be noted that you win all hands except for the pontoon. However, the value of this card must not exceed 21. 온라인경마

I’ll try to provide at least the bare bones of the pontoon strategy here. Players must hit if they have a total of 14 or less hard or soft hands. This means that if you have 14 hands in total, you have to hit, split, or double down. But if you have a total of 15 hands, things change because you have to decide whether to hit or stand. Still, it’s better to stand if you have more than 4 cards. I can advise you to have 16 hands in total. The same goes for between 17 and 21 hands in total.

Hit it when you have soft hands and the value is between 12 and 17. It would be better to stand with your hands soft and a total of 18 hands in total. The same goes for soft hands, which are 19 in total. If there are two or three pairs, it is recommended to divide them. But if you have two four, you have to hit it. If you have two five, you can double it, if you have two six, you can double it, if you have seven or two, you can cut two, if you have nine or two, you can hit two, and if you have nine or two aces, you have to divide them. But I can advise you that there are two ten.

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