Fly away, miss…For two consecutive days, ‘fault → loss’ is the last task of challenging the semifinals to remember

Lotte dropped its head due to a third baseman error in a game against the Doosan Bears at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 3rd. Kang Seung-ho of the Doosan Bears, who came out as the leadoff hitter in the top of the third inning with 0-0, hit a hit. Lee Yoo-chan hit a grounder to third base, and third baseman Han Dong-hee caught the ball. 토토사이트

Lee Yoo-chan’s main force was excellent, but for Lotte, he can aim for double play. Han Dong-hee quickly threw to second base. However, the throw headed to a place that was not enough for the second baseman to catch. Taking advantage of the absence of the ball, first baseman Kang Seung-ho passed second base and settled on third base. Lee Yoo-chan, a batter, is also safe at first base.

If it was connected smoothly, it would have been a situation without two outs, but it turned into a crisis with runners on first and third bases with no outs. Since then, third baseman Kang Seung-ho has stepped home and became the winning point. Lotte’s acting coach Lee Jong-woon said ahead of the game on the 4th, “If you play, you may make mistakes.” For now, we lost because we couldn’t hit,” he said, covering up the error situation. At the same time, he cautioned, “Such a mistake may definitely have an impact on winning or losing.”

On the 4th, Lotte excluded Han Dong-hee from the starting lineup and put foreign hitter Nico Goodrum as the third baseman. Goodrum got off to a good start, hitting a timely two-run hit with two outs and a full base in the first inning. However, Goodrum was also unable to escape the swamp of mistakes. Goodrum, who made mistakes in all three of his recent starts, made a fatal mistake that led to a loss. Lotte was on the verge of first and third base with one out due to Kim In-tae’s walk, Huh Kyung-min’s hit, and Park Gye-beom’s ground ball in the top of the fourth inning with a 4-1 lead.

At bat, Lee Yoo-chan, who got a mistake from Han Dong-hee, stood. Coincidentally, Lee Yoo-chan’s ball headed toward the third baseman. Although it fell somewhat in front of me, I was able to catch it enough. The Goodrum, which ran forward, failed to catch. In the meantime, third baseman Kim In-tae stepped home. No additional runs came out as Park Se-woong caught a follow-up hitter, but it was a moment when Lotte was able to hand over the atmosphere.

Lotte also gave a run in the top of the fifth inning and had to play a thin ice game from the sixth to the ninth inning. There was no ‘fault disaster’ for two consecutive days as the game was held 4-3. However, in order to ignite the fight for the semifinals at the end of the season, the error march from third base remains a task that must be erased.

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