Former Korea Tennis Association President Joo Won-hong to head Korea Tennis Association…

Former Korea Tennis Association president Joo Won-hong (67) was elected as the 28th president of the Korea Tennis Association.

The Korea Tennis Association announced on the 23rd, “As a result of the 28th presidential by-election held at the Olympic Court in Songpa-gu, Seoul, President Joo Won-hong won the most votes among the three candidates.”

Of the 166 total votes cast, candidate Ye Jong-seok received 34 votes, candidate Kwak Yong-woon received 51 votes, candidate Joo Won-hong received 79 votes, and two invalid votes were cast.

The Korea Tennis Association has been without a president since former president Chung Hee-gyun stepped down in September last year, and the by-election means that Joo will lead the organization for the remainder of the 28th president’s term until the end of the year, followed by a four-year term as the 29th president.

Joo, who graduated from Dong-In High School and Sungkyunkwan University, is a former player who nurtured tour players such as Lee Hyung-taek and Cho Yoon-jung at the Samsung Securities Tennis Team and served as the 26th president of the association from 2013 to 2016.

However, the by-election for the presidency has been requested to be suspended by the Korean Sports Federation, a higher-level organization, so it will be important to see if the approval process will go smoothly.

In May, the Korea Sports Federation held deliberations on the designation of a management organization for the Korea Tennis Association, which owes MediaWill 4.6 billion won ($4.6 million) for the vacant presidency, and put the designation on hold until the end of June on condition that MediaWill’s debt forgiveness is notarized.

MediaWill Chairman Joo Won-seok is the younger brother of Chairman Joo Won-hong, so he has been criticized as the right person to resolve the debt issue.

However, he will have to resolve the conflict with the Korean Sports Federation, which is led by Lee Ki-heung.

In an interview after his election, Joo said, “I will not only focus on the debt issue, but also on the development of tennis and the restoration of its international status,” adding, “I will submit the notarized documents requested by the Korean Sports Federation.”

When asked how he plans to resolve the conflict with the KFA, Joo said, “I didn’t make the decision to hold this election, I just came out as a candidate and did my best,” adding, “Now that I’m leading the federation, I will work with the KFA to resolve the issue.”

“There was also talk that holding this election would be grounds for designation as a managed organization (for violating the will of the KFA), but it is important to resolve this issue for the sake of the electors who voted for me,” Joo stressed. 카지노사이트

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