Gov’t secures evidence on 7,000 striking trainee doctors for looming disciplinary action

A notice at a city-run hospital in Incheon informs patients of extended service hours, March 4. Yonhap

The government has secured evidence that about 7,000 trainee doctors remain off the job in defiance of the return-to-work order, an official said Tuesday, suggesting disciplinary action against them is impending .Lee Han-kyung, the interior ministry’s chief disaster management official, made the remarks during a government meeting as the collective action by thousands of intern and resident doctors entered its 15th day .Some 9,000 trainee doctors walked off their jobs on Feb. 20, protesting the government’s plan to add 2,000 more medical school seats starting next year, from the current 3,058.The government gave protesting doctors until last Thursday to return to work. However, as many doctors continue to remain off their jobs in defiance of the back-to-work order, the government is taking steps to enforce disciplinary action, including the suspension of their medical licenses. Since yesterday, the government has been conducting inspections at training hospitals to confirm violations of the back-to-work order by defiant trainee doctors,” Lee said.

“On Monday, the government gathered evidence of noncompliance involving some 7,000 trainee doctors and intends to take administrative action against them in accordance with the Medical Service Act,” he said. The official warned that defiant doctors will be held accountable, saying the government intends to deal with them sternly in accordance with the law and principles. Second Vice Health Minister Park Min-soo told reporters that 8,983 trainee doctors at 100 teaching hospitals left worksites, despite the government’s vow to suspend their medical licenses. Starting Tuesday, the government plans to send documents to the defiant trainee doctors, as an administrative step to suspend their licenses, Park said. The mass walkout by trainee doctors appeared to fail to win support from medical schools. According to a government survey on the appropriate medical school enrollment quota, 40 universities surveyed nationwide asked the education ministry for a combined increase of 3,401.The collective action by trainee doctors, who play a vital role in assisting with surgeries and emergency services at major general hospitals, has resulted in widespread cancellations and delays in surgeries and emergency medical treatment at general hospitals 토토사이트 nationwide

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