Hyundai Motor’s derby Jeonbuk supporter controversy over rude talk

Controversy has arisen over the remarks of a Jeonbuk Hyundai supporter who shouted “killer” at a stretcher composed of middle school students. He made harsh remarks over a loudspeaker over the fact that he is slow to act as a stretcher in urgent situations. Not only Ulsan Hyundai but also some Jeonbuk fans are voicing their criticism.

The situation was like this. This season’s final round between Ulsan and Jeonbuk took place at Munsu Football Stadium in Ulsan on March 3, and Hyundai Motor’s Derby. In the 41st minute of the first half, Hong Jeong-ho (Jeonbuk Hyundai) collapsed after strongly colliding with Cho Hyun-woo (Ulsan). Hong lost consciousness due to concussion symptoms, and not only Jeonbuk but also Ulsan players and nearby fans urgently called in the medical team.

At a time of urgent need, the four stretcher groups consisting of players from Hyundai Middle and High School in the U-15 youth team in Ulsan did not move quickly. The scene could be mistaken for the stretcher moving slowly on purpose.

In the process, a crowd in the Jeonbuk supporters’ seat held a megaphone and shouted, “You are murderers, murderers.” An official at the scene explained that the voice of the crowd, who shouted middle school students twice as “murderers,” resonated louder as everyone was surprised after Hong Jeong-ho fell down.

However, according to the Ulsan club, the stretcher should not be deployed first in the situation at the time. When the player is unconscious, the stretcher is not in, but the medical team quickly checks first and decides whether to transfer the ambulance. This is because if a player who is unconscious due to a head injury is transferred to a stretcher, it could be a bigger problem. 메이저 토토사이트

In fact, right after Hong Jeong-ho fell down, the medical team rushed to the scene and called an ambulance. “At that time, the stretcher was not supposed to go in, but we were preparing for the situation. I didn’t try to go in late on purpose or mock the other person,” an official from Ulsan explained.

As the situation was urgent at the time, Jeonbuk fans could misunderstand it. It is also pointed out that the Ulsan team’s overall response was not fast, as the ambulance location was different than usual and the ambulance could not arrive at the scene quickly.

However, criticism is coming from inside and outside the soccer community that Jeonbuk supporters’ actions, which are not even criticisms of the situation at the time, calling middle school students “killer” were very inappropriate, apart from the previous situations. Some criticisms are also being raised among Jeonbuk fans in that they are bound to be seen as representative of supporters if they hold up a megaphone.

Another club source pointed out that Ulsan and other teams failed to respond more quickly to the situation at the time, but pointed out that it was also very inappropriate for Jeonbuk fans to refer to the team as a killer through the megaphone. “It is true that Ulsan’s response to the situation at the time was not quick. As it could be an emergency, we should have prepared to respond faster. Jeonbuk fans could have felt more frustrated,” the source said.

At the same time, he pointed out, “In a place where a large number of spectators are gathered, it cannot be rationalized to shout ‘killer’ to young students through megaphones. I don’t think he knew that young youth team players usually play the role of ball boy or stretcher. I think it’s a serious problem because it can remain as a lifelong trauma.”

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