“Grandmother, are you watching?” The dignity of a 33-year-old captain who overcame sadness, “The one who cherished me as a grandchild and a player.”

Before the game, I heard my grandmother’s father’s death. But the game came first. The responsibility of a professional player and the weight of the captain were on his shoulders.

Daegu Samsung Lions Park on the 17th. Lotte Giants’ An Chi-hong led his team to a 7-4 victory with three hits and five RBIs, including consecutive at-bats home runs.

An Chi-hong, who started as the third baseman, continued his chances from his first at-bat. Jeon Joon-woo’s timely hit with one out and runners on first and third bases succeeded in scoring the first run.

He hit a two-run home run (Season 7) in the top of the third inning against Samsung starter Taylor Widener, and added a three-run home run (No. 8) in the top of the fourth inning against the second pitcher Choi Ji-kwang to devastate the opponent’s mound. 토토사이트

Both home runs were made by hitting sliders. As a veteran, the target who caught the breaking ball sharply stood out. Ahn Chi-hong’s consecutive at-bats home runs and two home runs in one game are the sixth in 387 days since the match against Busan Samsung on August 25 last year.

Samsung started the chase with Jose Pirella’s two-run homer (No. 13) in the bottom of the fourth inning. Following Lee Jae-hyun (No. 12) in the bottom of the seventh inning, Lee Sung-kyu hit his first home run in 1,076 days in the bottom of the ninth inning, but it was not enough to reverse the game.

After the game, An Chi-hong confessed, “Today, I tried to concentrate at the batter’s box, especially thinking that my maternal grandmother was cheering for me.”

He said, “I’m more happy that it helped the team win consecutive games than it was personal. “I always thank my maternal grandmother for cherishing me as a grandchild and as a player,” he said, rushing to pay his respects.

“Thanks to starter Park Se-woong’s outstanding pitching, we were able to bring about a victory,” said Lee Jong-woon, acting Lotte manager. He is reliable because he is a steady player. “Today, Choi Jun-yong was able to win by preventing a situation that could lead to a crisis without losing a point,” he said.

In the batting, An Chi-hong’s five-run performance brought the flow of the game to us, he said. “I’m grateful for Lotte fans’ passionate support for victory in the Daegu expedition.”

On this day, Lotte won three consecutive games with the performance of players representing Park Se-woong, An Chi-hong, and Team Tutta.

He literally continued his last and last chance for autumn baseball in six years.

Like the nine-game winning streak in April, if you don’t show a miraculous winning streak here, all you’ll meet is frustration. In that sense, Ahn Chi-hong’s concentration and mental strength, which led the team to victory despite being humiliated by his maternal grandfather, shone.

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