“Heungkuk-Hyundai 2nd place? It will come to us someday” At 33 years old. Veteran Hwang Min-kyung’s sense of responsibility

“I’m not sure how much we scored. The defense was okay. I remember catching a ball going the other way.”

The whistle blew for a comfortable win, the third in a row. Hwang Min-kyung’s face was bright as he sat down for an interview.

IBK won the Dodram V League Roadworks match at the Gimcheon Indoor Gymnasium on Tuesday with a 3-0 set victory, extending its winning streak to three games. 바카라사이트 Hwang Min-kyung led the team’s offense with nine points, including a service ace, and a 40 percent receiving efficiency.

“After the injury, my quickness was a bit off,” said Hwang Min-kyung. …. My cutting movements were not good because of the strain on my joints, but I think I’ve adapted to it now.”

He joined the team after signing a free agent contract worth 450 million won. He said he struggled early in the season when he couldn’t help the team’s struggles. “I feel like I’m helping now. I’m still trying to help the team,” he smiled.

“I’m at 70 to 80 percent now. The ups and downs have been reduced a lot. It’s good to be able to practice consistently.”

In the V-League, there is a strong tendency to emphasize defensive roles for outside hitters. But Hwang says, “I’m an offensive player. Volleyball is fun when you’re an attacker,” she said, adding, “If my knees are in good shape, I’ll try to play more offense with Ponpun and (Kim) Ha-kyung.”

The run that turned the third set from 9-13 to 17-13 was especially intense. Hwang Min-kyung said, “We talked to each other about taking it point by point, and Abecrombie served well. Roadworks is a team with good reception, but our serve went in well today.” “Women’s volleyball is a very emotional game. We were more focused.”

“I can only remember six,” he said with a wry smile when asked about his ‘nine points today’. “The coach tells me not to put pressure on myself, but to do well,” he said, adding, “I think he wants me to be the center of the team rather than score a lot of points.”

“It’s a very tight race. It can change by two places in one game. Heungkuk Life and Hyundai E&C are strong, but I don’t think it’s a mountain we can’t climb. Maybe one day we’ll get our chance.”

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