Hwang Ui-jo, ‘illegal filming’ rules to maintain the dignity of the national team → Controversy spreads over participation

Hwang Ui-jo played in the second Group C match of the 2026 FIFA North-China World Cup Asian qualifying round in Shenzhen, China, on the 21st. In the 27th minute of the second half, he took the ground on behalf of Cho Kyu-sung (Mit Whelan) and played for about 20 minutes to help South Korea win 3-0. 토토사이트

Public opinion is mixed over Hwang Ui-jo’s participation. Hwang Ui-jo was changed to a suspect in connection with the privacy leak last week. It was quite shocking that Hwang Ui-jo, who complained of damage from the video leak in June, was rather accused of assault.

The Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency’s cybercrime investigation team suspected Hwang Ui-jo of illegally filming using cameras under the Sexual Violence Punishment Act. The allegation is that Hwang Ui-jo filmed the incident, which was derived from a woman who claimed to be Hwang Ui-jo’s ex-lover posting revelations and videos of women on social networking services (SNS).

It seems to be expanding into a battle of truth. Dae-hwan, a law firm that served as Hwang Ui-jo’s legal representative, said, “The video was contained in Hwang Ui-jo’s personal cell phone, which was lost (presumed to be stolen) in Greece in November 2022, and it is about Hwang Ui-jo’s personal life,” adding, “It shows a woman who dated Hwang Ui-jo in the past, but what is clear is the agreed-upon video between the lovers at the time.”

“In the first place, this case started with Hwang Ui-jo as a victim of video leakage. Even now, this fact remains unchanged, he said. “Hwang Ui-jo does not currently have the video and has not leaked it at all. Not only the video but also Hwang Ui-jo’s private conversations with acquaintances are being used for intimidation, he stressed, “Killing Hwang Ui-jo” is going on very maliciously.

In response, Lee Eun-eui, the victim’s legal representative, said, “The victim did not agree with Hwang Ui-jo when he filmed it at first, and if he knew about these things, he expressed his disapproval and demanded that it be erased immediately after filming.”There was no situation where Hwang Ui-jo could have thought arbitrarily that he had agreed to this. In addition, there were cases where I did not know if there was a shooting while being investigated for this incident,” he said.

In addition, “Since then, there have been continuous requests for the victim’s refusal and deletion, but they have been ignored and illegal filming has been repeated. In such a situation, all the victim could do was keep asking Hwang Ui-jo to delete the footage, he said. “The victim was angry and anxious, but I couldn’t help but worry that Hwang Ui-jo would leak such illegal footage.”

At a time when there is a sharp confrontation over whether to agree or not, Hwang Ui-jo, who was even investigated by the police, should consider whether it is right to act with the Taegeuk mark. It is true that there was a lot of “angry” in the sympathy response to the article that announced Hwang Ui-jo’s participation. Right now, it’s hard to determine whose fault it is. The principle of presumption of innocence must be applied until accurate judicial results are available.

However, there are regulations to look at in terms of representing the country. According to Article 6 of the Korea Football Association’s National Football Team Operation Regulations (duty of integrity and maintenance of dignity), “As a representative of the country, members of the national team at each level should refrain from degrading their own dignity and maintain social responsibility and morality.” Hwang Ui-jo’s current controversy cannot be ignored as a reason for disqualification. Violations of dignity were often used as a basis for disciplinary action in other sports.

Coach Klinsmann, who decided on Hwang Ui-jo’s participation, said, “I know there is a controversy over privacy in Korea, but it has to be decided clearly. I don’t think it’s a criminal because it’s still in progress, he said. “I’ve experienced a lot of things over the past 40 years while playing soccer. “If it is clearly recognized as a problem, it may not be known, but if it is not, we should give them a chance to play hard,” he said.

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