I bought it for 99.2 billion, but its current value is ‘38.1 billion’… All-time plunge ‘in progress’

Football Transfer, a media outlet specializing in the transfer market, “The value of Mikhailo Mudrick (22, Chelsea) has plummeted.”

Chelsea recruited Mudryk through its winter transfer window in January. At that time, Mudryk was reborn as the ace of Shakhtar Donetsk. He is the type who can shake the opponent’s defense by using his fast feet and brilliant dribbling skills. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

As a result, Chelsea showed interest in Moodrick from big clubs. The most active team was Arsenal. However, Chelsea successfully intercepted Moodrick and invested 70 million euros in the transfer fee.

However, Moodrick displayed below-expectations performance. His fast speed remained intact, but he lacked precision and thus missed many opportunities. He played in 15 matches this season, with only two goals and two assists. Obviously, his performance was not satisfactory compared to his transfer fee.

Due to such poor performance, Moody’s value is declining. According to Football Transfer, Moody’s current value is 26.6 million euros. This is a whopping 60 billion won lower than the transfer fee. Furthermore, media outlets explained that Chelsea overspent money to recruit Moody’s. When he joined Chelsea, his value was 30 million euros.

As a result, Chelsea is more likely to suffer significant losses if it sells Moodrick. This is the result of investing too much money into players that have not yet been verified in the big leagues.

Meanwhile, Chelsea is also losing ground with Moody’s value. Chelsea is ranking 12th in the league this season with five wins, four draws and seven losses. Ahead of the season, Chelsea recruited promising young players including Moises Caicedo and Nicola Jackson, but they have not been successful.

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