‘Shocked! Ten Hach Rebel Was Rashford’… Locker Room Rebellion Lead “Criticized Ten Hach’s Tactics and Training Method”

The shocking news spread. Marcus Rashford is the “rebel” who is unhappy with Erik ten Hag of the Manchester United in the English Premier League.

Manchester United is in a slump this season. It ranked third in the EPL last season and has no mood to win a cup. It is suffering humiliating losses in various ways. It is currently lagging behind in sixth place in the league and is the last in Group A in the UEFA Champions League.

As the fall did not stop throughout the season, the leadership of coach Ten Hag was also questioned. In particular, there were reports that many Manchester United players turned their backs on Ten Hag’s coercive stance in dealing with the Jadon Sancho rebellion.

In addition, some players were reportedly complaining about the Ten Haq training method, and they also expressed doubts about the last line that should not be crossed, the Ten Haq tactics. These reports have been consistent, but no specific player’s name has been released.

However, the name of one of the players who led the rebellion has been revealed. Surprisingly, he is Rashford. He made an explosive growth under the leadership of Ten Haqq last season. He scored 17 goals in the league, a total of 30 goals, marking a career high. He also renewed his contract with Manchester United for a large amount of money. 토토사이트 순위

It has been revealed that he took the lead in the managerial rebellion, forgetting his gratitude to Ten Hag. Did Coach Ten Hag notice this? Rashford was the undisputed mainstay under Ten Hag, but he played as a substitute at the end of the second half in the last two league games. Rashford still has only two goals this season. The shocking fact was exclusively reported by the British Football Insider.

The media reported, “According to Manchester United sources, one of the players who went on a rampage and revolted in the Manchester United locker room is Rashford. Rashford has lost faith in Ten Hahr. Rashford does not like Ten Hahr’s tactics, nor does he like Ten Hahr’s training style.”

“Rashford started 13 of his first 14 matches in the EPL this season. However, he played as a substitute recently in the matches against Chelsea and Bournemouth, and his playing time has drastically decreased,” the media added. This means that it could be a wake-up call for a revolt.

The British sports mall also said, “Ten Ha-ch constantly faced complaints from players despite a difficult start to the season. Due to the recent decline, he lost control of his team. In response, a group of players criticized Ten Ha-ch’s training methods and tactics. When players asked for a break, Ten Ha-ch reportedly refused. One of the players who lost trust like this is Rashford.”

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