I lamented about the fatal failure of “Autumn Subin”…Still, there are all the cases left in Doosan’s 3rd to 5th place

The Doosan Bears were held back by the “Jamsil rival” LG Twins. Doosan collapsed weakly in its final regular-season showdown with LG, which was the most important in the semi-playoff. Outfielder Jung Soo-bin’s failure to catch the ball, which he believed in the match in the bottom of the fourth inning, was fatal. 토토사이트

Doosan lost 2-5 to LG in Jamsil on Oct. 15. With the loss, Doosan maintained its fifth place in the league with 74 wins, two draws and 66 losses this season. The game gap between the third-place NC Dinos, which won on the same day, widened to one game.

On the same day, Doosan faced LG starter Lim Chan-kyu with a starting batting order following Jung Soo-bin (center fielder), Cho Ha-soo (right fielder), Rojas (designated hitter), Yang Seok-hwan (first baseman), Kang Seung-ho (second baseman), Kim In-tae (left fielder), Park Joon-young (third baseman), Jang Seung-hyun (catcher), and Kim Jae-ho (striker). Doosan’s starting pitcher was Kim Dong-joo.

With Yang Eui-ji out of the starting lineup due to a decrease in physical strength, Doosan’s bench prepared to put Choi Won-jun, Jang Won-jun and Lee Young-ha immediately from the beginning of the game. Doosan manager Lee Seung-yeop vowed to set up the game with all-out efforts.

Doosan scored the first run in the top of the second inning. In the top of the second inning, Doosan took a chance with one out and runners on first and third bases with leadoff hitter Yang Seok-hwan’s double, Kang Seung-ho’s sacrifice bunt, and Kim In-tae’s walk. He then scored the first run with an infield hit to third baseman by follow-up hitter Park Joon-young.

However, Doosan, which failed to score additional points due to the failure of the follow-up hit, faced its biggest crisis in the bottom of the fourth inning. After one out in the bottom of the fourth inning, Doosan gave up a walk to Oh Ji-hwan after hitting consecutive hits by Kim Hyun-soo and Austin. Doosan starter Kim Dong-joo induced Moon Bo-kyung to a grounder to first base in the crisis with one out and a full base, preventing a run with a home forceout.

It was likely to overcome the crisis like this, but Kim Dong-ju finally allowed a turnaround after hitting a timely double to sweep three RBIs by pinch hitter Moon Sung-joo. Center fielder Jung Soo-bin failed to accurately predict the drop point of the ball and bounced off the glove. Catcher Jang Seung-hyun was even seen clapping after judging that it was an outfield fly ball after hitting, but the ball, which had a long time in the air, turned away from Jung Soo-bin’s glove in a cold manner.

Doosan’s bench replaced Kim Dong-joo with Park Chi-guk after allowing a reversal. Park Chi-guk walked Lee Jae-won and gave up a walk to Heo Do-hwan, putting the bases loaded with two outs. Park Chi-guk also allowed an additional run after a two-run timely hit to the left by Park Hae-min. In fact, it was the moment when he gave up his chance to win.

After missing the opportunity to score with two outs and runners on first and second bases in the top of the sixth inning, Doosan began to chase with Rojas’ solo home run in the top of the eighth inning. However, Doosan lost in the top of the ninth inning when pinch hitter Yang Eui-ji failed to withdraw due to a double play in the last attack opportunity with one out and runners on first and second bases.

Doosan could have played the final two consecutive games of the season against SSG Landers more comfortably if it had won on the day. However, Doosan’s painful defeat on this day led to a five-team thorny path. If they lose even one game in their two showdowns with SSG, Doosan will automatically be confirmed in fifth place. It is the worst case scenario that starts at the most disadvantageous position in the wild card game after struggling with eight consecutive games at the end of the season.

If Doosan wins two games against SSG, it is possible to rise dramatically in the rankings. If third-place NC loses both away games against the KIA Tigers under the condition of two wins of Doosan, Doosan will dramatically obtain a direct ticket to the semi-playoff in third place. If NC records two wins or one win and Doosan wins two games, Doosan will play in the wild card game in fourth place. In other words, the number of cases in the 5th round remains from the 3rd, 4th, and 5th places.

Doosan will put Raul Alcantara on the starting mound against SSG in Jamsil on the 16th. Coach Lee said, “Alcanta has recovered from a back sprain. He expressed expectations, saying, “I said I’ve regained 99% of my condition.” Of course, even if they catch the game on the 16th, if they lose the match against Munhak SSG on the 17th, they will be a steal, which will be worse than losing the game on the 16th. In many ways, Doosan has become more complicated due to the loss of the Jamsil rival match.

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