“I will never headfirst on the first base until I die.” Kim Do-young’s pledge in a cast, will he be able to return to the opening game

Can KIA Tigers infielder Kim Do-young return to the team in time for the opening game of the 2024 season. Kim Do-young, who suffered an unexpected injury in the national team, entered the offseason with a bandage. With difficulties in joining the spring camp early on, Kim Do-young vowed to return as soon as possible.

Kim seriously injured his left thumb while attempting headfirst sliding in the match between Korea and Japan in the final of the Asian Professional Baseball Championship (APBC). After returning home, Kim was diagnosed with a ruptured lateral ligament and scoliosis fracture in the medial lateral scoliosis joint of his left thumb. The result was a major injury that took about four months of rehabilitation after ligament suture. 에볼루션 바카라사이트

“I saw the scene where DOYOUNG got hurt and I got even angrier. I felt bad when I saw him get hurt while doing headfirst sliding. Me too, I have to get hurt before I realize it. DOYOUNG will never do headfirst sliding again. I hope he recovers quickly because he is already hurt.” It was a sad response from Park Chan-ho, a senior member of his team.

KIA manager Kim Jong-guk, who watched Kim Do-young, who suffered a long-term injury while running on base in the 2023 season opening series, also expressed regret over the bad luck of the injury that came again.

“(Kim) DOYOUNG seems to have displayed passionate play, perhaps because it is his first time as a member of the national team. Headfirst sliding is too risky. Now he will realize it and refrain from doing so,” he sighed.

At the 2023 Real Glove Awards hosted by the Korea Professional Baseball Players Association on Dec. 1, Kim said, “I was scolded by my coaches. I will never do headfirst sliding on the first base until I die,” adding, “At the time of the APBC finals, I felt that I should never die. I thought I wouldn’t get hurt, but I ended up getting hurt like this.” “I was even more sad because I didn’t get hurt even though I couldn’t do it in the national team.”

Still, Kim Do-young was motivated to grow one step further through his first experience as an adult national team.

“It was a time when I felt that I was not good enough while playing against high-quality players. I had a good experience. It was fun while playing the Korea-Japan match and players gained a lot. Of course, I personally feel very sad because my record is not good. Recently, pictures of APBC competitions were posted on social media, and I felt bad and I was getting PTSD (laughs). I could have won the match against Korea, but I was disappointed that I couldn’t win the match,” Kim said in a nod.

In fact, Kim Do-young, who is not easy to join next year’s spring camp, aims to return to the first team in time for the opening game.

“I’ve loosened about three stitches, and I’m planning to loosen all the other stitches next week. And I think I’ll switch to a lighter cast. It’s hard to join the spring camp early on, but I’ll make sure to prepare as soon as possible so that I can go back to the opening game next year. I think all the injuries were done badly this year, and I hope next year all my teammates including myself will not get hurt,” Kim said. “And lastly, I want to say that I support (Park) Chan-ho for winning the Golden Glove award.”

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