The most obviously, we are under a level of financial stress and uncertainty unfamiliar to many except those who suffered the Great Depression.

After being encouraged by well-intentioned parents to take out excessive student loans to find “good jobs,” we enter the real world with few job prospects and a large amount of irretrievable debt. Not only do we not have a large budget to put down on the table, but we have also delayed major life decisions (marriage, homeownership, etc.) due to unemployment, underemployment, or a lack of belief that our existing position will not be cut tomorrow. Studies have shown a lack of trust in established brands, businesses, and other major economic players, seeing quality sacrificed for growth. Essentially, we have great optimism about ourselves and our social group, but as we have seen with our parents, friends, and personal prospects largely left behind, we are deeply skeptical about big businesses.

Spending a fixed amount on a drinking and dancing night is much easier than watching our chips delivered slowly across the table, just as our meager salaries go back to student loan collectors. Of course, it’s possible to stay away from the winners, but we all know that with an suboptimal blackjack strategy, we’re more likely to leave with just the story of the grumpy old man who got upset that he “took his card.” 파워볼게임

Table games aren’t the real threat that threatens the game’s continued growth, though. At least millennials will consider a few Blackjack, poker, or craft games. Slots that have been the bedrock of gaming revenue for decades aren’t appealing to younger generations. There’s absolutely no say in the results here, and just a push of a button won’t allow us to increase our initial gaming investment. And we get a lot more interactive and exciting gameplay opportunities on our phones, many of which are free. We’re also a social generation where the idea of participating in a single personal screen without being in touch with others is unappealing. The small possibility of winning, let alone the infinite possibility of winning a jackpot, isn’t appealing as entertainment in itself.

Despite all this, I still hope that the industry will adapt to new entertainment options. As laws and regulations strictly determine the products they can offer in ways not seen in the rest of the corporate world, I can’t put the blame on casino operators. Thankfully, through the efforts of AGA and their national level partner, AGEM, technology-based gaming has been approved, and can offer an opportunity to truly revolutionize the industry. These games can allow the industry to address the concerns mentioned above, and allow young players to better control the outcome of games, create a more social atmosphere, and align gaming technology with the latest video and mobile games.

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