“I’m sorry for my wife’s insult, Aguero made me do it!” Recall of the retired left-back

Spanish media “Relevo” said on the 11th (Korea time), “Philippe Luis, who recently announced his retirement, apologized to Angel Di Maria.” Luis said in an interview, “I played a trash talk (a psychological game against the opponent) about his wife to Di Maria, the opposing striker, during the match against Real Madrid in his first season of joining Atletico Madrid. Thanks to this, Di Maria did not perform well in the game at the time.”

Lewis was still regretting his actions. Lewis’ first season in Atletico Madrid was 2010-11. He was still regretting what had been going on for nearly a decade. Lewis did not elaborate on what he said at the time. Di Mariah seemed to have been unable to concentrate on the game after hearing about his wife.

Interestingly, however, Sergio Aguero was behind this situation. Aguero was wearing an Atletico Madrid jersey with Luis that season. Luis said in an interview, “Aguro instructed Di Maria to go and have a trace talk about his wife.” Aguero once played for Argentina along with Di Maria. Naturally, I had to know Di Maria’s wife well. 토토사이트

Lewis, however, still regrets the incident and offered his apology to Di Maria. Lewis is a left-back who has worn Atletico Madrid since 2010, making his name widely known throughout Europe. He briefly joined Chelsea in 2014. Lewis, however, experienced Chelsea’s failure at the time, and returned to Atletico Madrid in 2015 for four years. After playing for Flamengo in Brazil from 2019, he announced his retirement on the 1st.

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