Jammul Indian Village and game operator Penn National Gaming announced that the excavation phase of the Indian casino project

As announced, construction workers dug up 452,000 tons of soil and rocks. The casino is expected to be on the third floor, and an underground parking lot will also be installed.

Richard Tellow, a member of the tribe’s committee, shared that they were all really excited. He said the tribe has been working on the project for more than 20 years.

Tribal representatives also said the 200,000-square-foot casino would certainly boost the economy and create at least 1,000 permanent jobs.

Raymond Hunter, president of Kumeyay Nation in Southern California, said the completion of the first phase of the project was scary and interesting.

The casino is expected to open to visitors around mid-2016. The developers promised that the site, which will be located not far from Route 94, would have more than 1,700 slot machines, 50 game tables, and a variety of restaurants, bars, and entertainment facilities.

As the construction process enters its second phase, many residents in the neighborhood are complaining about the project. For example, two once tribal members took the developers to court. They claimed that the remains of their ancestors were ruthlessly excavated and carried away.

According to another lawsuit, the construction of tribal casinos will have a detrimental effect on the local environment, especially on nearby reserves.

A third lawsuit argues that the land on which the property will be owned is not owned by the tribe and therefore has no legal right to run a future casino.

The developers have won the first two lawsuits and they believe they will stand in their hands even if the U.S. Supreme Court appeals. 온라인경마

Glenn Revell, chairman of the Jamul Action Committee, said that if casino developers win the court, they will advance their construction schedule. However, if their opponents win, the Indian tribe will have a “hole in very expensive land.”

Penn National Gaming has been charged with violating California’s Environmental Quality Act without following their respective protocols. However, developer CEO Jay Snowden noted that he plans to apply a different eco-friendly approach while building the casino.

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