New site for Gold Coast casino resort announces BY Queensland Government

Queensland officials said Tuesday they will build a new site for China’s ASF Consortium, a multi-million dollar resort developer, on Australia’s Gold Coast. Luxury hotels and casino hotels will be located in Spit, right next to SeaWorld theme parks.

The developer has previously proposed building an integrated resort on Wave Break Island. In addition, it was planned to feature a cruise ship terminal. However, earlier this year, the Queensland government rejected the initial plan. 파친코

Queensland Development Minister Anthony Lynnham said Gold Coast residents had been waiting for news for quite some time, but the state thought it was most important to correct the situation.

Tim Full, head of local projects at the ASF consortium, said developers will target international visitors and China’s high rollers in particular. The pool also pointed out that they expect to attract more than 100 million Asian tourists over the next 10 years.

Dr. Linham said on Tuesday the multimillion-dollar project would not require environmental impact assessment (EIS) procedures. However, integrated casino resorts will “have to go through a lot of community consultations.”

The new site for the ASF consortium development came as a slight surprise to conservation groups and certainly gained new opponents. They don’t seem particularly interested in the government’s decision to develop the area.

Environmentalists have previously expressed concern about the potential negative impact of cruise ship terminals on Wavebreak Island and Southport Spit. However, the state has only briefly appeased the ASF consortium by rejecting its initial plan, sparking a new wave of discontent with its decision to develop the Spit area.

Rendering of the integrated resort was not disclosed on Tuesday. Dr. Linham said the detailed plan for the proposal would be introduced in early 2016. When ready, it will be brought up for public consultation.

After the Queensland government submits a detailed plan, it will be reviewed by Gold Coast City Council. However, Dr. Linham pointed out that issues concerning integrated casino resorts will be mainly discussed and dealt with by the state. Because the land on which the property will be located is owned by the government and is a proponent of the project.

Mr. Pull said the developer would change the initial concept in a way that aligns with community values. However, he pointed out that ASF consortium designers value some of the previous ideas, and these ideas will certainly be implemented in the new design. The pool also noted that “health and health on the Gold Coast” will be their starting point.

Queensland officials said on Tuesday the integrated casino resort was unlikely to be completed before the Commonwealth Games began in April 2018.

Min Yang, chairman of the ASF consortium, called the recent announcement a “significant milestone” for the multi-million dollar casino development.

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