Japanese soccer crazy pace! “10 consecutive wins 45 goals + European level”…Except for Gubo-Mitoma, Jordan 6-1 vanquished

Japan, led by head coach Moriyasu Hajime, beat Jordan 6-1 in a closed practice match held at Al Ersal Stadium in Doha, Qatar on the 9th. The game was played so thoroughly that it was not disclosed to the audience as well as to its own media.

According to the Japan Football Association, Japan has set up a completely different roster for the first and second half of the matches. Thursday’s match is not recognized as an official A-match, as it exceeds the number of replacement players as stipulated by FIFA. Despite this, Japan has extended its winning streak of national team matches to 10 matches from last year.

The match against Jordan was the final mock test held ahead of the 2023 Asian Football Confederation (AFC) Qatar Asian Cup. The team focused on hiring several players for the final inspection. Nevertheless, Japan scored four goals in the first half alone, starting with the first goal by Itakura Ko (Mönchengladbach) in the 12th minute, followed by Keito Nakamura (Lance), an own goal against the opponent, and Takumi Minamino (AS Monaco).

In the second half, he replaced all 11 players. Moriyasu enjoys playing excessive rotation in official competitions. Critics point out that this is advantageous for the team to maintain even-handed conditions. In the match against Jordan, players who entered the second half did not show much difference in skills, and Takuma Asano (Bohum) scored a penalty kick and Daizen Maeda (Celtic) scored an additional point, ending the six-goal relay score.

Even after scoring six goals, Moriyasu was not satisfied. “We checked how to play both offense and defense as a team,” he told Japanese media Soccer King after the game. “I’m glad that you played aggressively,” he said, adding, “We need to improve because we allowed several critical opportunities against counterattacks from the opponent team.”

Japan allowed a goal to Jordan right before the end of the match, but the goal was not enough to affect its early weight. Nevertheless, Moriyasu said, “As the opponent team tries to strengthen defense and counterattack at the Asian Cup, if our offense is half-stretched, we can give the opponent a chance. We need to reflect on ourselves.”

The reason Japan is considered to be stronger than the score it showed against Jordan is because it did not put all of its energy into it. Currently playing in Europe, such as Kaoru Mitoma (Brighton & Hove Albion), Takefusa Kubo (Real Sociedad), and Takehiro Tomiyasu (Ahnall) are not feeling well due to injuries. All of them were absent at the match against Jordan, and Endo Wataru (Liverpool) did not play due to normal conditions.

Players who played in matches against Jordan are considered key players. Mitoma has had three goals and five assists in 17 matches in the English Premier League this season. She was considered a dribbling master last season and became a sensation in the Premier League. Amid keen interest from big clubs, Mitoma is making a soft landing in Europe by renewing contract with Brighton. Mitoma also scored one goal in the match against Colombia in March and one assist in the match against El Salvador in June. In the ensuing match against Peru, she scored one goal and one assist, gaining momentum to Japan’s 4-1 complete victory.

Kubo was also the most anticipated card for Japan. Kubo also played a significant role in the national team. He had a total of two goals and six assists, including goals against El Salvador and Syria last year. Coach Moriyasu Hajime expressed satisfaction with Kubo’s performance and made the final list at the Asian Cup. 슬롯머신

In the process, he expressed nuance that Gubo is forced to participate in the Asian Cup, drawing cold responses from the public. Recently, Gubo said in Spanish media Mundo Deportivo that it is regrettable that the Asian Cup is held during the season. The team that pays me my salary is clearly Sociedad. Nevertheless, I have to participate in these tournaments during the league. I have no choice but to go there by force.”

Of course, Kubo added, “It’s unfortunate for Sosiedad, but representing the national team is very special.” However, Japan seems to be disappointed at the negative expression of its intention to join the national team. Against this backdrop, people do not like to see him joining the national team with injuries.

Although it is a little chaotic, Japan is still considered the top candidate for the Asian Cup title as it has been winning the game. In fact, Japan is making outstanding results under the leadership of Moriyasu. Moriyasu signed a contract last year in recognition of his progress to the round of 16 teams at the FIFA World Cup in Qatar, and made a new history by leading Pajuk to nine consecutive A matches.

Starting with the match against El Salvador (6-0) in June, Japan overwhelmed the opponents regardless of their continents and capabilities, including Peru (4-1), Germany (4-1), Turkiye (4-2), Canada (4-1), Tunisia (2-0), Myanmar (5-0), Syria (5-0), and Thailand (5-0). In preparation for the Asian Cup, Japan showed off its skills to the fullest extent in a match where it held an opening ceremony for Thailand, which is classified as a Southeast Asian powerhouse, at its home turf on Jan. 1.

Japan has secured confidence to win the Asian Cup by making nine consecutive A-match winning moves. In the latest FIFA ranking, Japan boasts of No. 1 ranking among AFC member countries, ranking 17th. Analysts say that the gap between main players and candidates is not large enough to fill the entire national team’s main competence with European leagues.

Japan, which has a high score for its organization, is said to be the most promising candidate for the Asian Cup with South Korea, which has world-class strikers who play for big clubs. It is significant that the match against Jordan has maintained the winning trend by 10 games, even if it is not an official A match.

“We will not be able to win the Asian Cup as easily as we are now. It will be a difficult battle and we must fight with strong perseverance,” Moriyasu said. “We will set a high goal by winning the game in front of us. We will think about how to win the Asian Cup.”

Japan has a very good external evaluation of the country. The Football Channel, a Japanese media outlet, said, “Japan has achieved 45 goals on a 10-game winning streak. Among the teams that won the match are Germany. It is amazing that the team overwhelmed Germany.” In addition, “Japan is no longer at the Asian level but at the European level. Japan is showing impressive performance in any competition in any event.”

The Klinsmann team, which is targeting its first championship in 64 years, also considers Japan the No. 1 target to be wary of. “When I led the German national team, I had special relations with the Netherlands, England, and Mexico in the U.S. team. I have high expectations for such a rivalry,” Klinsmann said of Japan at the Asian Cup final announcement ceremony on Dec. 28. “I am constantly watching Japan play. I am agonizing over how to prepare for it.”

Klinsmann, who remains vigilant despite Japan’s analysis, said, “As I keep telling you, given the conditions and performances of our players, it is a good chance to win the title. This is the team that can win the title. Japan is a rival with clear growth these days, but we can achieve the championship.” Rather than fearlessly, he expressed confidence.

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