“Big Club” Munich, trying to intercept…Tottenham’s big emergency, the complete agreement on recruitment of No. 2 has gone up in smoke?

Florian Flettenberg, who is known as a German transfer market expert while working for “Sky Sports” in Germany, reported on the afternoon of the 9th (Korean time). Tottenham and Genoa reached a complete agreement on Dragucine this morning.

Flettenberg also disclosed the details of his contract. “Tottenham has added bonus clause to its transfer fee of 25 million euros. Dragushin has signed a contract with Tottenham until 2029,” he said. 온라인경마

However, Flettenberg added the last clue. It was Munich. Munich is also making great efforts to recruit a center back in the transfer market this winter. As Kim Min-jae joined the 2023 Asian Cup, Munich also lacked a center back.

Before announcing the full agreement between Tottenham and Genoa over Dragucine, Flettenberg said, “Munich has made inquiries about the signing of Dragucine to Genoa. A deal is not imminent, but negotiations are underway. With the frontrunners, Munich is looking to overtake them. Tottenham is leading the way in recruiting Dragucine, while Napoli is also working on it. Munich has also started a competition, but there is no official offer yet. There is no oral agreement, and I understand that Tottenham and Genoa are close to reaching a transfer fee agreement.”

“If Munich wants to have a chance to recruit Dragucine, it has to respond within today. There has been no official proposal yet,” he added.

However, Munich ended up appearing in the movie. “Munich plans to hijack Dragucine. Munich has submitted a formal proposal to Genoa. There were more discussions within Munich today, and Christopher Freund, the Munich general manager, was even more impressed,” Flettenberg said early Thursday.

“Tottenham and Genoa even exchanged documents, but it was never a completed deal. There were no flights booked. Dragushin has to decide now. Munich has a chance to sign him. It’s an open competition between Tottenham and Munich,” he added.

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