Kim Jae-ho, the field commander of “20 Years of Debut,” who still wants to play baseball more

Doosan Bears shortstop Kim Jae-ho (38) is said to be “rejuvenated” the most these days. This is because he became in his late 30s, which would not be strange even if his skills fell a little, but he became a player who could not be taken out of his power by playing a key role in offense and defense. Performance supports this. This season’s record is .340 RBIs and 25 runs batted in 65 games. Even though he failed to meet the regulations at-bats and was not ranked in the batting order, he is overwhelming his juniors.

Kim Jae-ho, who met at Sajik Stadium in Busan on the 4th, said, “I’ve been enjoying baseball lately. Personally, I like the heat better than the cold. When it’s cold, the body shrinks, but it’s the opposite in summer. I think that has led to a good record recently,” he laughed.

In fact, this season’s start was not very satisfactory. He was pushed out of the infield competition and barely stepped on the ground with a pinch hitter or a pinch hitter. Doosan gave young players more opportunities to develop new shortstop. Kim Jae-ho said, “It is true that I have been sluggish over the past two years. In that sense, I had to accept the situation at the beginning of this season. ” “Of course, it would be a lie to say that you are not upset. Still, I prepared the next thing with the intention of trying it,” he recalled at the time. 카지노사이트

The reversal occurred in the summer. Kim Jae-ho had a chance again without a clear shortstop. Kim Jae-ho, who found his place, continued to hit a batting average of .300 in June and July, and last month, he batted .435 with two home runs and 12 RBIs in 21 games. With this performance, he was also selected as the monthly MVP candidate in August.

Kim Jae-ho, the oldest of the eight candidates, said, “I have never won a monthly MVP yet. I can’t even remember when I was a candidate. “I don’t know the possibility of winning the award, but I’m still happy to compete with my juniors at a considerable age,” he said with a smile.

Kim Jae-ho, who graduated from Namjeong Elementary School, Jungang Middle School, and Jungang High School, joined after receiving Doosan’s first pick in the 2004 KBO rookie draft. After showing steady growth, Son Si-heon moved to the NC Dinos in 2014 and became a built-in shortstop. Kim Jae-ho, the infield field commander, was at the center of the Doosan Dynasty, which started with the Korean Series title in 2015.

Kim Jae-ho’s biggest strength is his defense. Kim Jae-ho, who made his debut in 2004, has a natural sense of stability behind him. In particular, the ability to take the ball out of the glove quickly and throw it accurately is by far the best in the KBO League. Kim Jae-ho said, “First of all, gloves are important. I don’t wear gloves with a lot of length. Such gloves have deep pockets, so it’s not easy to get the ball out right away. That’s why I prefer a new glove that feels a little hard.” “If you are a professional, I think you should be able to connect it to an accurate and fast throw no matter what grip you catch the ball with. “So I practiced throwing as soon as I caught the ball since I was young,” he added.

Lee Seung-yeop, who took the helm of Doosan this season, said of Kim Jae-ho, “He is a veteran player who reads the situation well. When he needs a hit, he hits a hit, and when he desperately needs a sacrifice hit, he records a sacrifice hit. Kim Jae-ho is the player that Doosan needs right now, he said. Kim Jae-ho, who received a compliment, said, “If you pay attention to team play, you will have an advantage. It is that the body loses strength. If you do that, you can get a lot of the results you want,” he said. Kim Jae-ho, whose three-year FA contract with Doosan will be completed once this season ends, said, “It feels like 20 years have passed quickly. I don’t know how the renewal will be talked about at the end of the year, but I still want to play more baseball,” he said calmly.

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