“Lack of will, venom, and passion.” Kim Min-jae’s lowest rating humiliated, Munich ‘Closes undefeated march’ on Frankfurt in 1-5 disaster

Munich lost 1-4 to Frankfurt in the 14th round of the 2023-24 German Bundesliga at 11:30 p.m. on the 9th (Korea time). Munich, which ended its unbeaten streak, was second with 32 points (10 wins, 2 draws, 1 loss, 44 losses, 14 losses, +30), and Frankfurt was seventh with 21 points (5 wins, 6 draws, 3 losses, 24 losses, 16 losses, +8).

Since the opening, there is a “unique” team that is still unbeaten in the five major European leagues. Mega clubs Munich and dark horse Leverkusen are the main characters. Munich, led by Thomas Tuchel, and Leverkusen, led by Xavi Alonso, are fiercely fighting for the lead.

On the 2nd, Munich was scheduled to face Union Berlin at home. However, the game was postponed due to a sudden heavy snowfall. It was an inevitable choice as traffic was paralyzed. Munich, which had been busy playing not only in the league but also in the UEFA Champions League, took a break due to natural disasters. Kim Min-jae, who suffered from overwork, was also able to take a breather.

Kim Min-jae was also absent in the last match against Copenhagen. It was expected to some extent. It was reported that he did not attend the training session before the match. “Kim Min-jae and Nusair Mazrai did not attend the last training session against Copenhagen. If the two players are absent, Leon Goretzka will be appointed as the central defender.” “Barbarian Football” also said, “Coach Thomas Tuchel had the opportunity to rest some of the key players in terms of rotation. According to Bild, Kim Min-jae was excluded from the training and is doubtful whether he will play.” 카지노사이트

This is the aftermath of his injury. He suffered an injury in the 12th round match against Cologne in the German Bundesliga on April 25. In the 14th minute of the first half, Kim Min-jae fell to the ground from his pelvis during an aerial ball competition. Kim looked very painful and couldn’t get up for a while. He played the rest of the game after receiving medical treatment, but is expected to miss the game due to shock at the time.

Injuries are not all that matters. Kim Min-jae, who joined Munich in a surprise move last summer, was expected to face fierce competition with outstanding players such as Upamecano and Matthijs the Licht. However, when I opened the lid, all the worries were unfounded. While Kim alternately was mired in injuries such as The Licht and Upamecano, only Kim Min-jae was on the ground tirelessly. There were even concerns that he might overwork himself, going beyond being a moderate player. As a result, Kim faced physical burden as he played full-time in 15 consecutive games. Neuer mentioned Kim Min-jae, who played full-time in 15 consecutive games. “I don’t know the time difference between Korea and Germany. It is a remarkable achievement to play full-time for 90 minutes in Cologne today. Resting is important for some players,” Neuer said.

We need to take care of Kim Min-jae. “When people talk about the second half of a season, they think of the CAF Nations Cup as the first thing that comes to mind, but at the same time, the AFC Asian Cup is also held. Munich will miss its key player Kim Min-jae very much. He has not rested a single minute since the third round of the German Bundesliga. While Upamecano and The Licht were unavailable, Tuchel always relied on Kim Min-jae and is always involved in the center of play,” the German news outlet said.

Controversy over excessive use of the weapon was also raised in the local area. “Kim Min-jae is defending the defense team. He sometimes made serious mistakes. Are they expecting too much from him? Kim played 959 minutes out of 11 Bundesliga games and played full-time in all four UEFA Champions League games. He also said, “There is no recovery on A-match day. How long will this situation last?”

“Kim Min-jae is nicknamed ‘Monster.’ He won the Scudetto title with Napoli last season and spread quickly. However, the situation he is facing in Munich means a new challenge. He is the only player among the three central defenders who is constantly maintaining physical strength. Matthijs the Licht is sidelined due to a torn ligament in his right knee, and Dayo Upamecano suffered from a thigh injury until recently,” he said.

He also said, “Kim Min-jae is always in the competition. He had to do so.” The only game that Kim was absent was against Prussia in the DFB Pokal Cup. Eventually, he could not get out of fatigue, which coach Thomas Tuchel thought was dangerous. In the match against Galatasaray, he lost in the sprint match against Cedric Bakambu. He made a fatal pass in the match against Hi-Heim. The situation facing Bayern is dangerous, but it is questionable whether there is an alternative amid tight schedule and insufficient options. Kim also spends the A-match period busily. After facing Singapore in South Korea, he will face China in a matchup. A few hours later, he will return to Germany on Friday evening to stage a match against Cologne. If you add up to all the journeys, it will be 20,000 km. At some point, even the monster gets exhausted. Munich has to carefully consider when to provide rest.” In fact, Kim had carried out all of his murderous schedules up to the national team match. It was a relief that the match against Berlin was postponed due to the heavy snow. Having accumulated physical strength, Kim started again.

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