Latest slots need updated game plan

Today’s slot machines weren’t played by your mother and father. They weren’t even those we played 10 years ago. Games have changed so dramatically that new technology has given the gaming industry the ability to manipulate the way we play slots.

Let’s take a look at the big business of slot play:

According to the 2000 Annual Report, written by the Indiana Gaming Commission, $20.5 billion was donated and $1.3 was obtained from casinos from 16,278 facilities installed at casinos across the state of Indiana. In 2007, the number of facilities increased to 18,600, contributing $26.5 billion and acquiring $2.2 billion from casinos.

According to the Illinois Gaming Board’s annual report for 2000, there were $23.5 billion in coinage and $1.3 billion in casino wins from 8,882 machines. In 2006, the number of machines increased to 9,888, with $24.1 billion in coinage and $1.7 billion in casino wins.

Comparisons have shown an increase in the number of machines and an increase in coin-ins, but the most obvious statistic is the disproportionate increase in casino multipliers. Slot players bet more and win less. 스포츠토토

The main reason casinos are making more money with slots is the proliferation of multi-coin/multi-line low-value games that pack higher retention rates. The penny games are back, but they were in fantastic form. Many times it costs dollars at a time to play them.

Abolishing coins and tokens reduced casino costs. Vouchers can and should also be a more efficient means of calling for slot players. One way to achieve this goal is to never insert a voucher worth more than a comfortable amount when starting a slot session.

If you’re playing a game on a regular $20 basis, consider putting cash in that $100 voucher and getting $5 for five different slot rounds. Putting $100 into a machine increases your temptation to risk more money and play on any one machine for longer than usual.

Consider vouchers as a convenient way to preserve your profits. Perhaps you plan to collect them, such as cashing in when you double your money on one machine instead of chasing “the big one.” Turning $20 into $40, cashing in and transferring it to another machine with $20 is an attack method.

Also, you should never “throw” any remaining credits on your voucher. For example, if you’re playing 25 credits at a time and you’re down to 10 credits, put in more money or cash in and move on. You never want to risk losing bonus rounds or big line pay.

Always play the maximum line in a multi-line game, but choose the number of coins per line based on your budget. There is no point in depriving you of a chance to win.

Before sitting at a machine and playing, study the paycheck. If you find it uncomfortable to bet a maximum coin when it’s the only way to qualify for the top prize or multi-level host, move on to another machine.

Lastly, always play the highest amount that your budget allows. For example, if you usually play 25 lines on a nickel machine and one credit per line, avoid playing 20 lines on a 2-cent machine at $1.20 per line. A 2-cent “hold” is higher than a typical nickel unit.

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