Liverpool Mayor, a big Klopp fan, said, “We will send a letter to the PL Secretariat asking for withdrawal of the Everton point cut.”

Everton’s supporters, who said they were unfairly punished for cutting points, came out.

The Premier League (PL) secretariat announced on its official channel on the 17th that “Everton’s points, which violated PL’s profitability and sustainability rules, will be immediately cut by 10 points.”

Prior to the announcement of the cut, Everton were in 14th place this season with four wins, two draws and six losses and 14 points. However, as the disciplinary action resulted in four points, it was lowered to the bottom and lowered. Tied with Burnley but 19th out of 20 teams ahead of goal difference.

Everton’s points were cut as the secretariat announced because they violated PL’s profitability and sustainability rules. 온라인카지노

The PL Secretariat is implementing the league’s own financial regulations. Unlike UEFA’s financial fair play, PL’s financial regulations are relatively simple. Losses must not exceed 105 million pounds (168.7 billion won) over three years.

However, as of last season, Everton’s three-year loss amounted to 124.5 million pounds (2001 billion won). The PL Secretariat immediately referred Everton to an independent committee.

The five-day hearing resulted in a 10-point penalty for Everton.

However, Everton is in a position not to accept the disciplinary action. In an official statement on the same day, he said, “I was shocked and disappointed at the Premier League committee’s ruling at the same time,” adding, “I think I have received unfair sports sanctions.” I will appeal.”

A figure has emerged in support of Everton. Liverpool Mayor Steve Rotherham, known as a big fan of Liverpool coach Jurgen Klopp, has promised to support Everton’s appeal and send a letter to the PL secretariat to request the withdrawal of the PL ruling, according to the British media ‘The Boot Room’.

“Everton has been punished unfairly,” Mayor Rotherham said.

Meanwhile Everton’s crisis may not end here. According to the British media “The Sun,” Leeds United, Southampton, Nottingham Forest and Burnley, who were relegated from the Premier League rather than Everton during the period of violating the rules, plan to prepare a lawsuit. This is because I think I lost money from Everton’s belated point cut.

“The Sun” said, “The clubs have expressed their intention to sue the PL Secretariat and Everton, which include a large amount of compensation.”

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