“I wanted to go to Blackburn, but I was blocked by a volcano”…”Oh, my God!”

The world’s best volcano that hasn’t even penetrated the world’s greatest FW, and the legend begins elsewhere. Robert Lewandowski, a bomber who is considered one of the best strikers in the world in existence. The legend began in Germany.

Lewandowski left Lech Poznan of Poland in 2010 and moved to Dortmund in the German Bundesliga. He was 22 years old at the time. Later, he moved to Bayern Munich in 2014 and became the world’s best bomber, and moved to Barcelona in 2022.

There was a situation where this legendary career could change as a whole. Lewandowski revealed the story through local media. It’s a story that’s likely to come out in “Oh My God.”

Lewandowski, who was recognized for his potential in Lech Poznan. There were love calls from many teams, especially in 2010. The most active team among them, and the team Lewandowski wanted, was England’s Blackburn.

Coach Sam Allardyce, who was Blackburn at the time, flew directly to Poland to see Lewandowski. Allardyce and Lewandowski communicated well, and Lewandowski decided to go to Blackburn. I even booked a flight to England. But an incident happened.

It was the eruption of an Icelandic volcano. The 2010 eruption of the Eyjafjallayokul Volcano caused havoc in the European sky, which was swamped with ash. There was no flight in Europe. Lewandowski had to stamp his feet with a flight booked. Eventually, time passed and the Blackburn failed. That’s why I chose Dortmund. 온라인경마

Lewandowski said, “I had a chance to go to Blackburn. First, I met Aladdias. He came to Poland to see me. I thought he was a really good man, a great coach. “I thought I could do it with him, who values young players, and I was sure it was a new challenge, a special challenge for me,” he confessed.

However, even the will of the best striker did not penetrate the volcano.

Lewandowski said, “I wanted to go to Blackburn. I was going to sign a contract after seeing the Blackburn training site and facilities. But I couldn’t go because of the volcano. The volcanic eruption prevented me from flying in Europe. I booked a ticket, but I couldn’t go to England. This changed my life. “If I had gone to Blackburn, I would have signed a contract.”

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