Meanwhile, Lee Kang-in, who played full time in the game, was clearly divided in rating and evaluation.

Even though there were scenes or performances involved in scoring, the French media’s evaluation was regrettable.

French media outlet Foot Mercato gave Lee Kang-in 4.5 points and said, “Lee Kang-in, who played as a right winger, looked uncomfortable. He tried a lot to get into the center, but had difficulty finding his partner. He also created a golden opportunity, but failed to score. There was no noticeable appearance in the second half, and he failed to score five crosses.” Lee Kang-in’s 4.5 rating was the lowest except for Mbappe, who received four points. The French version of 90min, a French sports media outlet, also gave Lee Kang-in five points, the lowest except for Mbappe and Soler. 90min pointed out his finishing ability, saying, ‘There were good things and bad things. The technique was clear, but I made a regrettable choice at the last minute.’ However, not all French media criticized him. Le Parisien of France gave Lee Kang-in six points and gave him the highest rating except for Barcola, the main character of the first goal.

On the other hand, statistical media highly evaluated Lee Kang-in’s performance. The statistical media Footmob gave Lee Kang-in a 7.7 point rating. Footmob highly rated Lee Kang-in for creating three chances, shooting twice, dribbling twice, and ball competition success five times, and only Vitinha and Barcola in PSG had higher ratings than Lee Kang-in. In addition, the statistics media Sofa Score gave Lee Kang-in a 7.8 point rating, which was the highest score in PSG. Barcola, who scored the first goal, scored 7.5 points, and Muani, who scored the winning goal, scored 7.6 points, lower than Lee Kang-in.

Lee Kang-in’s next game is against Dortmund, where PSG’s advance to the round of 16 in the European Champions League will be held at 5 a.m. on the 14th. PSG, which is currently ranked second in the group, is likely to fail to advance to the round of 16 if it loses or draws against Dortmund. If Newcastle and AC Milan, which are currently ranked third and fourth, end up with a victory for one team, the ranking could be reversed. 메이저 토토사이트

PSG is facing an important match, but it is hard to expect that the situation at PSG is as good as ever. PSG, which has struggled with two wins, one draw and two losses in this season’s UCL, has significantly reduced the number of players it can play in the midfield due to the absence of key players Warren Jair Emery and Fabian Lewis from the midfielders due to injuries. Jair Emery returned from this match, but it is uncertain whether he will be able to start immediately.

It is time for Lee Kang-in to play better. PSG wants to reinforce other midfielders in addition to Lee Kang-in if they advance to the round of 16 of the UCL. France’s Canal supporters said, “Coach Luis Enrique wants an experienced midfielder this winter. PSG wants a midfielder who can be put into the power immediately, can be incorporated into the play system, and has UCL experience.” If Lee Kang-in plays in this situation, PSG is also likely to entrust Lee Kang-in with more faith in his role in the midfield.

It is also expected that Lee Kang-in, who has raised the mood by continuing to play as a starter in the league, will be able to start and play against Dortmund.

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