Major League Baseball (MLB) is suffering for two consecutive years due to the bankruptcy of the cable TV Regional Sports Network (RSN), which broadcasts the games of 30 teams live every day. The American online sports media The Athletic reported on the 10th that the bankruptcy hearing of Diamond Sports, the largest RSN Valley sports operator in the United States, which applied for bankruptcy protection to the court in March of last year, was postponed by 10 days to the 20th (Korean time).The Athletic added that due to the delay in hearing, the three teams, including the 2023 World Series (WS) champion Texas Rangers, Cleveland Guardians, and Minnesota Twins, who signed a 2024 broadcasting rights contract with Valley Sports, were in an awkward position. Valley Sports has been broadcasting MLB, National Basketball Association (NBA), and North American Ice Hockey League (NHL) games of teams based in those regions on cable TV by naming American cities or regions, such as Valley Sports South and Valley Sports Midwest.

Income from TV broadcasting rights is the lifeblood of MLB team operating funds. Diamond Sports filed for bankruptcy protection, the MLB San Diego Padres in May of last year and the Arizona Diamondbacks in July canceled their broadcasting rights contracts with Valley Sports .San Diego, which has since run out of money, has been struggling to run the club since the end of last season, selling key players and taking out emergency loans due to a liquidity crisis. The MLB clubs that have signed a broadcasting rights contract with Valley Sports total 12 teams, including 3 teams, including Texas, and 9 clubs, including the Los Angeles Angels, Atlanta Braves, Milwaukee Brewers, and St. Louis Cardinals .The bankruptcy of Valley Sports causes a decline in the club’s investment, directly leading to a situation where players, clubs, and fans all suffer losses.

Valley Sports’ bankruptcy is coupled with rapid changes in the media environment As the viewing platform shifted from traditional media such as terrestrial, cable TV, and IPTV to video OTT, the cord cutting phenomenon of no longer watching cable TV for a fee led to the bankruptcy of Valley Sports .The MLB Secretariat, which has established its own specialized baseball broadcasting and production system called MLB Network, is well aware of this situation and is planning to directly lead the online streaming business .Amazon, a dinosaur in the online commerce industry that also provides its own streaming service, proposed expanding MLB online streaming in the form of funding to Diamond Sports, but the MLB office rejected the offer, saying that 스포츠토토존 Amazon should talk directly with them regarding streaming services. .

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