New Welsh striker who “joins Tottenham” said, “With Sonny, confidence rises → I’m learning as much as I can.”

British Tottenham fan site The Boy Hotspur introduced Brennan Johnson’s interview with Son Heung-min after the Aston Villa match on the 29th. Brennan Johnson expressed his intention about Son Heung-min, “It’s really good. It opens your eyes and builds confidence to be with a player who has achieved many achievements.” 메이저 토토사이트

On playing as Son’s fellow striker, Brennan Johnson said, “It is profitable for me. Sonny (nickname of Son Heung-min) is a key player and a good player who has achieved many things. I play in the side, but there are many things to improve, including finishing ability and movement. There are many things to learn. I am learning as much as I can.”

Brennan Johnson moved from Nottingham Forest to Tottenham Hotspur ahead of this season. Brennan Johnson has one goal and one assist in 10 Premier League appearances this season. Brennan Johnson also scored his first assist for Tottenham by assisting Son Heung-min in the 10th round of this season’s Premier League against Crystal Palace. New Welsh striker Brennan Johnson has nine goals and four assists in 48 Premier League appearances.

Asked if Brennan Johnson has reached the same level as Son Heung-min, Wales national team coach Page replied last month, “Of course. We all saw the potential of Brennan Johnson. When I was with the Wales national under-21 team, I could see that Brennan Johnson would reach that level. It took some time for Brennan Johnson to get to that level.”

In particular, “Brennan Johnson proved that he can play in conjunction with Son Heung-min at Tottenham. He can also play for the Welsh national team,” adding, “Brennan Johnson’s assist to Son Heung-min was incredibly good.”

Tottenham recently fell into a slump after suffering an upset loss in three consecutive Premier League matches. In response, Football London said, “If you look at Tottenham’s record against Aston Villa, you can get a hint as to why Tottenham has lost for three consecutive games since its unbeaten record in 10 consecutive matches. Tottenham dominated with 62 percent of ball possession and attempted 564 passes to lead Aston Villa’s 324 times. Despite Tottenham’s aggressive performance, Tottenham failed to capitalize on Son Heung-min and Brennan Johnson.”

“Son Heung-min only had 32 cheek touches, and Brennan Johnson had 39 cheek touches. Bentancur, who was injured in the 31st minute of the first half, had 34 cheek touches, and Brian Hill played for 70 minutes and recorded 64 cheek touches,” he said. “More balls should be delivered to Son and Brennan Johnson.”

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